Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


sorry to sound like i’m evading but i’ve just read it here and there in a few articles over the last couple of years, writer x saying academic y described them as such and so on. i’m absolutely terrible at citations. been a while since i’ve read this:

but i’m pretty sure farrell there all but outright calls them such. he may even actually use the exact phrase i did.


Thanks! Certainly wouldn’t be surprised to hear those opinions. I know people who wouldn’t step foot in a Catholic Church because their family are in the OO. It’s really odd


Andrea Leadsom wants the press to be more patriotic…


That the official line now then?

If everyone thinks positive thoughts, it will all be fine


She was second in line to lead the country. Let that sink in.



That’s been the official line since brexit.


Nobs attacking people quoting Katie Hopkins


*Nobs attacking people, quoting Katie Hopkins

(Just for clarity)


Surely this has to come back on her now. She literally incited violence.



I think this possibly belongs here - it belongs somewhere…
School trip to a Police firing range, including playing with guns!


Really glad she’s doing this, but my God is it bleak to read.



just for anyone who didn’t get what this was from the article link:

^it’s a big rolling list she updates every week of America’s descent into fascism



Just saw this in my facebook feed and came here to post it.


“Our clenched fist of truth”


the passive aggressive neo-nazis of Torquay, kin ell


Just an elected MP doing a public speech here:


Full racism from the Spectator



Cancel your subscription please @GEOFF