Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)



I thought it’d be Douglas Murray but it’s way worse.


dig the nervy dystopian undercurrent of everything zucker apparently believes in


It’s disturbing, I presume it’s symptomatic of a greater overall shift in the Overton window but I’ve seen more and more people writing about regressive ideas including but not limited to racism and racial segregation in increasingly mainstream publications.


NATO celebrating people who collaborated with the SS to murder almost every Jewish person and those who tried to save them in Lithuania during the Shoah.


You’ll be pleased to know Smee that I decided at the weekend to not renew my subscription for the coming year.


Age checks to be introduced on porn websites in UK


Looks like I’d better get a credit card…


Fuck’s sake.


& @blueturtle

well the Sunday Herald kinda did yesterday, but they were really just reporting the facts:


On that note… woah!


Or, to be more accurate… FUCKING WOAH!




Jesus fuck


yeah I’d seen a few of these images kicking about on Twitter last week, not the ones with Swastikas but, well, I’m not really surprised


This shouldn’t have made me laugh as much as it did:

Bruce L says:
12 July, 2017 at 10:51 am

“But what do the pallets stand on?”

“Don’t be silly, son, it’s pallets all the way down.”


actually thought you were putting us on when i saw that. lost for words. how the fuck is this okay? “a delightful interview with king billy”.

my fucking ancestors were killed behind this shit. would a complaint even register?


so so weird how ‘racist’ is put in inverted commas there


ha, totally some grey areas there


This is probably the most appropriate place for this, it just irks me something shocking that such a protocol exists and this breach is newsworthy


I look forward to a 5 minute report on that on the news this evening…