Rolling DiSer through the keyhole thread #ssp


So many of you have offered to entertain the bored office worker contingent by doing a through the keyhole tour, and i’m really delighted you’re all on board.

Please begin. Commence.


The keyhole.

#ssp - if people are showing us their homes, you’d best not be a prick about it.

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Friday Evening

Off work tomorrow so will do one then, but think I’ve already spammed this forum with so many pictures of my house everyone knows it inside out.


but not in video format!!!

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Excited this is back. Will do it tomorrow when I’ve tidied up.


Let’s get those keyholes open people


Looking forward to denouncing someone as a Tory because they own a bread knife or more than one chair.


already thought of that! in light of the… current atmosphere i just added a #SSP to the title and the description :slight_smile:


I will respect the rules of this thread btw if any of you are worried


wait is this happening by just posting photos of your house in the thread, or are we mailing them to you and then you post them and everyone has to guess?

cos the latter is way more fun

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oh wow that sounds… complex. i just want people to video a tour of their house while they narrate



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Cheerfully withdrawn!

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great! now show me your great house, you shithouse


i live in a bin


Feel like you should have kicked this off with a tour of your own house

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i’m at work, alas


i’d do this

but everyone’s just gonna rip the shit out of my voice, so :woman_shrugging:

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do it in silence but with heavy breathing so that it feels like you’re broken into your own home


what’s wrong with your voice? You have a nice voice