Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

Whatcha got planned, watcha done recently? Need advice? Encouragement? Let’s do this.

I’ll be fitting a new extractor fan in our bathroom this weekend as the old one is rogered. Whilst I’m in the loft I might also route some cables so the wii u is in the bedroom. But i probably won’t.

The light that lights up the speedo/rev counter/clock etc behind the dash board has gone. Seems way harder to get to than it should be. Had to unscrew the whole dashboard, lift out the plastic cover and still couldn’t find it. Started disconnecting various electrics in order to get the dash further away before deciding fuck it, just wang it into the MOT and then ask them to fix it.

Got a load of decking that needs taking up. Would do it myself but has electrics in…last owner somehow thought spotlights were a must have in a garden…:roll_eyes:

Might have a go anyway

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Still got loads to do on ours - just little things though.

  • hang pictures on the walls
  • buy and fit some coat hooks to the bedroom and bathroom doors
  • restore and reweb our sofa and then get some new cushions made up for it.
  • board over one of the lofts so we can use it for storage.

Back garden:

  • Fit the trellis to the garden wall (might actually get someone in to do this, as I don’t think I’ll find the time)
  • Remove all weeds, turn over and level the ground, bring in new topsoil, leave to frost over winter and then plant up the garden in the spring.
  • Get a shed for the tools/bikes.
  • Adjust the PIR-operated lights so that they come on when they should.
  • Maybe build a container/patio pond (2017).

Front garden (2017):

  • Lay a new path, concrete base for a new wheelie bin store, gravel/stone the surface up and bring in planter boxes.

Turn the lecky off and see if you can unscrew the fittings to get an idea of where they are. You’ll want a deece drill/driver to get the decking up but its deffo diy -able. What you putting in its place?

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Planned - the same thing I always post in these threads, replacing my internal doors. I will get round to it, one day.

The little things are always the ones I put off. Got four nicely framed pics for various spots that I just can’t be arsed to put up its really bad.

How many to do?

I put up some framed football shirts in my lad’s bedroom last weekend and I feel that I should share my wazzo tip for how to make sure you get the picture in the exact position you want so that the screws match up perfectly with the brackets on the back of the frame.

Use masking tape.

Get a strip of tape long enough to stretch between the two brackets on the back of the frame and mark the points on the tape where the brackets are. Then stick the tape to the wall where you want the picture, positioning the tape so that it is parallel with the line of the ceiling. Drill the holes at the points you have marked, rawlplugs in, screws in, hang the picture.

Job’s a good un


Ugh, rubbish at cars tbh. Even changing lamps is a pain in the arse in mine.

Nice :ok_hand:

Five or six. Won’t have the spare cash before Christmas, maybe early next year.

Doors are fucking expensive, eh. You doing anything drastic or looking for similar style? My folks just got theirs done and now they’re doing bannisters and coving cause it’s a mosh mash.

Yeah, we (and the builders) have basically redone the whole house over the past couple of years, but now that we’ve actually moved back in and are living in the house it’s so hard to get motivated to actually do the final touches.

Oh yeah, a couple I forgot to add:

  • clear out the gutters when the leaves stop falling
  • wash down the windows and white stonework cills and heads and the white render.

Nothing drastic, although a couple of them will have glass in them when they were solid before. My brother works at a builders merchants, so I should be able to get the doors pretty cheap.

Loads on the list still:

Sort out the guttering at the front of the house
Hang a few pictures/prepare for christmas

Tidy up front and back gardens. Our back garden has been astroturfed but they didn’t do it properly and loads of weeds are growing through. Think i’ll take it up and turf it, and in the long run might do the astro in a few years
Fresh paint in all the bathrooms

Longer term:
Do up lounge/remove existing electric fire
Do up toy room at same time as lounge/get same carpet
Whole new kitchen

Yeah, trade connection is a winner. I can get most electricals through work which is pretty cool.

just remembered, also tempted to try putting some spotlights into the soffit

Who’s got two thumbs and is a trade member of both Selco and Howdens?


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