Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

Got a new bathroom mirrored cabinet effort. The previous owners just had an ugly mirror flat to the wall. Quite large. It had screw covers so I happily removed them expecting to unscrew this mutha. Twats had glued the fucker to the wall. One of the most unpleasant DIY jobs I have ever had to do… I got a mouthful of glass and approx 87.3k years bad luck.

You glueing your new one to the wall then, aye?

I’ve glued it the ceiling so I can watch myself smash one out in the bath.

(I screwed it in. It took approx 8 minutes. If it was a huge labour saving thing then I could almost forgive them but it was not)


Have you smacked your head against the new cabinet while cleaning your teeth yet?

I think a combo of the sink and my large stomach keep my head out of danger.

I appreciate you Stickboy and I appreciate your reply.

@whoeverisdoingPOTWnow POTW




Replaced the element in my immersion heater the other night. Had to use a blowtorch to remove the old one, which was exciting. The moment of truth will come later today, once the new one has been wired up.

If that works then I just need to replace the storage heaters in the flat and I might have a reasonably comfortable winter for the first time in about five years.

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After spending a fortune on the en suite the downstairs toilet is going to need some work. Cistern cracked a while back and water was everywhere. I got a mate to replace the toilet but now the smell in there is concerning, so I think the floor is going to need to come up.

Got a man that can do it but he’s not confirmed whether I need to get toilet disconnected or whether he can do it , and I feel a bit bad about asking my mate to help out again - he’s always doing stuff for me. Also not sure what floor will be like under the old tiles, whether it’ll need cleaned or aired or dried and all this needs to be done sharpish as I have family visiting soon. The guy is meant to be coming in Wednesday: ahhh stress.

Water is such a prick.


Ended up lifting the floor tiles myself. My mate unhooked the toilet. Floor had a fair amount of black mould so I’ve tried my best to treat that with an industrial strength spray. Going to just whack down some vinyl rather than tiles just in case I need to rip it up at a future juncture.

Have you tried that click n lock luxury vinyl? It’s some good shit. Just done my porch in it.

Got that in the main bathroom, I think. Got a wod of vinyl for £29 so if I fuck it or if the mould comes back then no great loss.

Painted the hall and the roller was still wet from washing it out, what a shit show the hall is now. It’s like a child painted it, huge bits that you can still see the old colour through. Sigh. I always buy Graham and Brown paint as it’s so good with just one coat, not with a watery roller it ain’t. What a fool.

On the plus side, it’s that sort of cement pink and the streaks make it look even more like patchy cement work that’s in the process of drying, and so my hall now looks like a rustic french chateau.

Getting a new roller tomorrow.

i know it’s a bit wasteful but i can never be arsed washing a roller out. just wrap a bag tight around it to keep it moist and then once i’ve finished i’ll bin it.

Well they were actually paint pads instead of rollers so I was really snug about how quick and brilliant the paint would be because of it. Off to buy more today. (They’re so much better than rollers imo and make the paint go further)

Ahh cool I’ve been meaning to try those out!

I’ll just caveat it with they’re better than any roller I’ve personally used but I’ve never had an expensive roller, always wilko stuff.

I wrap rollers and brushes in cling film between coats - doesn’t work of you leave a long gap between coats though which I am frequently guilty of.

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I wash and reuse my rollers. My pro tip is to not do any more painting for several years after each go, to make absolutely sure the roller is dry again.