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Excellent, thank you!

Tile over it?

Or overlay it with some sort of bona fide actual waterproof splashback panelling?

Just cross posting this question from the daily thread. I know nothing about heating systems

They probably will have drained the system to remove the radiators, but it depends how they’ve capped off the pipes when they removed the radiators as to whether they represurised it afterwards.

You don’t have to drain the whole system to take the radiators off but they probably will have as a) it’s easier and b) if they’ve left two radiators on that would be a pressure risk.

Worth bearing in mind that you might also have no hot water if no one’s done anything to re-pressurise which is a bit miserable.

I’d be chasing them to get it sorted as putting rads back on and re-pressurising is not that big a job (I did almost our whole house last year after having some work done) but impacts your comfort massively at this time of year :grimacing:

I think we’ve got hot water - we went back to do some washing up at one point and I’m p sure that was after the radiators were off

The issue is that the decorator hasn’t finished as he had a family emergency and isn’t coming until Monday now, so they’ve asked if they can send the radiators guy on Tuesday and that’s a long time to be relying on one plug in heater. However we think that only the bathroom needs painting now so the radiators can go back on before then - my partner is going to have a look and hopefully we can ask them to do it sooner. Don’t know how soon we’ll be able t get though

It’s generally fine having a couple of radiators off and re-pressurising the system. It’s just that the more radiators you have off the greater the risk of a pressure leak somewhere. I would definitely be suggesting getting everything bar the bathroom one back on asap - can’t leave a place unheated for a week at this time of year :cold_face:

The bathroom one is fine to go on, i don’t actually know why they took it off as it’s tiles behind it and they aren’t retiling that wall. Unless they’re going to repaint the radiators as well? Don’t really see why they would though.

Boyfriend is being somewhat annoyingly casual about it because of course he doesn’t get cold easily. Also he’s just texted to say that the walls don’t look finished so we might be stuck relying on a plug in heater until Tuesday. Ffs

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I’ve said can we ask them to get the radiators on asap and ask the decorator to just work around the radiators. I’m not sure the walls that have got radiators on actually need any/much work still. I don’t want a week without heating!

My boyfriend emailed them about 25 minutes ago and in an impressive and unprecedented display of efficiency they’re sending a plumber out, like, now, so it’s all OK and we will have heating fingers crossed!


Was going to say, it’s not like it’s going to be zero degrees overnight this weekend or anything :neutral_face:

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Any tips on taking down scaffolding? I think i can figure out the order to do it but what tools are good?

can be slightly awkward but you can do it with a cheap adjustable spanner if nothings been overtightened

if that’s not working get a scaffolders spanner

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Nice one, Ta

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Has anybody here used ?

Someone in b&q recommended I use it to find someone to fit a door. I’d never heard of it

Anything to consider when replacing a spindle and maybe even handle. Out of nowhere the handle stopped engaging the latch, managed to get it off and use a screwdriver to get back into the room. The handle the other side still works but now figuring out what to fix so that never happens again, feels like the spindle.should be sticking out further given the depth in the current handle

There’s probably a pin in the spindle that holds it in place, which has maybe slipped. You’ll have to take the other handle off to reset it so that the spindle is set so that its ends are equidistant from each side of the door.


It was this and all sorted now thanks, switched out the spindle for a slightly longer one as well. Hope to never have that issue again, but at least I know what to do now.

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Lost count of the number of times at university we took people’s door handles off and then removed the spindle. Oh how we laughed. Iirc the ultimate escape tool was a bic biro