Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

We have loads of maintenance jobs that need doing, many of which I could just about DIY, but in practice will probably end up paying someone to do. These include:

New extractor fan for kitchen. Old one fucked.

New oven. Old one fucked. I could install it, but that’s probably illegal right?

Dig out a trench at the front of the house and fill with gravel to improve drainage/stop damp.

Reconnect gutter that’s come apart leading to damp which…
has blown the plaster on our chimney stack in the living room, which needs mending.

Rebuild a wall in the garden that’s finally fallen over under the pressure of the garden above it.

Paint over all the mould in the bathroom.

Reroof our biggest shed.

Don’t want to do any of these things. Over the last five or six years I have been removing each of our internal doors one by one, stripping them and then sanding them. I’ve still got about four left to do and I average less than one per year.

Want to put some floating shelves up in a sort of alcove space in the spare room in our loft where the old chimney has left a triangular gap.

Might get two cheap IKEA type ones and trim them down. Reckon that’d work?

Hmm. IKEA ones would likely be lacquered mad stuff wouldn’t they? Which would be shit to work with. If they do solid wood go for it though. Also you’d need to check how the fixings work. If not you could get some made from your local timber people maybe? I go to ours quite a lot now, bought our bathroom worktop and oiled it myself.

Hang on

Sorry… can’t resist…

that gap looks trapezoidal, not triangular.

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Soz, there are places that will make them for you tho.

Yeah, the IKEA ones are usually hollow, but I thought I could maybe bodge it and sand the ragged edges and tidy it all up with caulk. Probably being optimistic… The issue I have is that the walls have a gap between the plasterboard and the masonry. I thought that hollow wall anchors might work well with the fittings you get from those readymade shelves.

But yeah, I might just get someone to make them for me. Such an annoying awkward trapezoidal space.

I’d consider doing it properly and cutting some timber to size to fit the gap.

That could make a really nice, unique little bookshelf alcove. Quite jealous.

And just use ‘normal’ brackets? As opposed to trying to put floating ones in?

cut bits of timber to go around the alcove. There’s probably a name for this.

like this

whole place needs a new coat of paint and the carpets cleaning. I’ll do it tomorrow/nextweek

Dot and dab walls, what a treat.

You can get anchors for that type of wall that are pretty good - my speakers are 40lb and hang on them!!! Screw fix do them and they’re made by Fischer.

just use some bricks between shelves :confused:

Yeah, I’ve used those anchors before. Was surprised at the weight they hold. Look like they’d make a right mess if you need to pull one out though.


Got myself thinking about it now… Reckon I got shelf rods I could drill past the plasterboard and cavity into the brick?

A decent bit of wood is really fucking satisfying.

Hope yr doing good today btw champ :saxophone:

Raised beds for vegetables! :green_apple::strawberry::cherries::carrot::corn:

Earlier this year on a day off I went down to Homebase and bought a piece of wood. I then went home, got my workmate out, cut it in half and then made a mortice and tenon joint. For no reason other than to just do it.



This is now a banned act.