Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

Thanks everyone.

Second stupid question: how much of a ball-ache is it to replace kitchen worktops but leave the units in place? I don’t mind the units* but I hate the worktops.

*the previous owners left the plastic covers on quite a few of them and I’ve really been enjoying peeling off the ones that have started to bubble. Hnnnnnngh

Another vote for Hague Blue - well, we got a tester and liked it but went with Benjamin Moore ‘Stillwater’ bathroom paint for ours. Not the best photo but you get the idea:

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Now that really is something that can be called Tory.

Farrow & Ball

Triple header.


Excuse me, it’s a celebration of my Dutch heritage and the fact that I frequently travel to The Hague for work to lose hearings.

Really easy - we’ve done exactly this in our kitchen. They should just unscrew from underneath.

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Are you thinking of replacing the tiles above the worktops?

If you are, it’s pretty easy; if you’re planning to keep them, then it’ll be tricky to get it off without damaging them.

There aren’t any tiles. Absolute joker who did it up.

So I want to get it tiled and replace the worktops. The only complication is that there’s a strip of worktop material on the walls - you can kind of see it above the hob here:

I like those worktops.

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They feel really plasticky. I think the room would be much warmer with wood or wood effect ones.

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Ah, I see! Hard to tell in that photo.

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I wouldn’t go for wood worktops - they are a bind to maintain and keep stain-free.

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@sadpunk is here to help me with my tiling needs

I would go for wooden ones, they look ace. You do have to treat it loads before using it, which makes your kitchen stink of oil, but it’s worth it IMHO.


Also, the oil we used is Danish Oil, so that’s like an ancestral calling or something.

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Yeah, we have wood ones. I like them. Do need to oil them every now and again. I’m not too arsed about keeping them perfect - quite like when they get a bit worn. We had bamboo ones before - they went quite shit in a short space of time. Probably wouldn’t recommend them.

You really don’t want my help with tiles!

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Oh, that’ll be easy to remove.

I’m not sure that it’s a DIY job though, as you’ll have to take out the hob and the sink and then reconnect them up.

If you do replace it, try and go for a worktop that projects beyond the cupboard doors and has a drip strip underneath the edge - at the moment it looks like there’s minimal projection and you’ll get water running down the cupboard doors which will cause the laminate to bubble off.

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Not sure if they need regular oil-maintenance - I’m with you on liking them worn, but the GF is a bit more protective over them.

They do, otherwise they shrink, warp and crack.

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Really? I was told that they do. Not that I really bother to that often.