Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

I have no idea! Marckee says so though and his advice has been 100% throughout, so I guess I’ve got an oily future.

Team Hague blue


Every three months is the recommended amount.

(although this might be a Big Danish Oil scam)

Every three months!?

Those Danish Oil Magnates are taking the piss here.

(I’ve got to put some prints up on the big wall…but I want to do a gallery wall so I have to cut the shapes of the frames out and arrange them on the wall first so I know where they go and I frank CBA at the mo)


I really want wood worktops and will get them when I do my kitchen up next year.

The main reason is wood is the same colour as toast and my current black worktops show up a shit load of toast crumbs.


Yeah, that’s what I read and it seems too often… It’s an annoying job - very quick to do, but smells and takes a while to dry rendering the worktop unusable. Also quite easy to use too much oil and make it go a bit tacky. Especially if you’re doing it every 3 months.

Something something Old Blue Last

Sounds more like a beauty treatment that @elthamsmateowen would have at a spa, tbh.

I actually only have massages and scrubs at the spa, I go to specialists for that

Danish oil is a necessary part of any self-respecting man’s beauty regimen

I never suggested I respected myself though

PS I had a wood one in my last house. Absolutely have to oil it relatively regularly. They still get ‘worn’ but as marckee says, there’s a line between worn and actually damaged.

Me again.

Plumber says the bathtub was installed without a frame, and if we want they can redo it (how generous!) Given that we’ll be using it for the shower too, is this a sensible thing to have done, or are they trying to rinse us?

Dunno but probably. If clowns hadn’t installed the bath and sink (previous owners) we’d still have a kitchen ceiling.

The bathroom tiles are so hard that the plumber has had to go to the shop to get more diamond drill bits.

Is this my life now

Anyone got any clues how an inside pane could just go like this?

You’ve got yourself a level 3 possession there.


Yep, that was my theory. Thanks for the confirmation!

That or a massive pigeon

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