Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

I’d love to do it but I fear I would fuck it up too much. You’d have to get proper good masking tape I imagine and loads i’ve tried recently have bled.

Yeah my mate is a DIY fiend and he said to get expensive tape and rollers and it makes a massive difference. And do loads of prep

Oh perf. That’ll be good.

I had to do a corner of a wall in my dark blue f&b where the other side was white and oh boy did i fuck it up.

Gunna do the same thing everyone in Sheffield does for paint (get samples form farrow and ball then take them across the road for Lowe’s to mix the colour) cause I’m cheap as fuck

There’sa certain type of tape that’s supposed to be much better than masking tape for this sort of thing, int there? Frog tape or sutin.

Yeah, Frogtape. The difference it makes can be pretty significant

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^Deffo this. We live in a Victorian house and I’ve stopped measuring/spirit levelling as there is barely a right angle in the place - do everything by eye now…

definitely recommend frogtape for straight lines, but I’d advise the low-tack version.

if your worried about the line having bobbly bits (because the wall isn’t perfect) then a tip is to paint over the tape with the colour you have underneath first, and then paint over the top with your second colour. However, putting multiple coats of paint over tape can cause the tape to tear off paint when you remove it. The alternative is just to go with one coat on the tape and remove when wet, and do touching up with a steady hand (or little strips of tape to guide)

good luck!

right one is nicer but not sure I’m 100% sold on either of them (my phone camera is shit so not sure what the point of posting a photo is tbh)

quite dark is my gut feel if you’re using throughout. Are you in a terrace? You’re going to want it light in the hall/landing

give em more time to dry too, the colour and sheen will change a reasonable amount over the next few hrs

They’ll dry to be a lot lighter than that.

Also, pin them up vertically when you’re looking at them - having them laying flat leads to them looking very deceptive.

This is for one room, and the divide will be fairly low (under the windowsill)

That is pinned vertically (nail in the bottom left) but yeah will give it a few hours and have another look

ahh ok cool, i think they look pretty nice, right one in particular

I like the right one better than the left.

But i’d be tempted to go darker on the grey to make more of a statement*

(*I keep saying this phrase when it comes to decorating and then keep going “what statement am I trying to make?”)

It’s a small room so I feel like going darker (even just on the bottom half) might make it a bit claustrophobic

Oh that’s true.

I think my old housemate did that top colour on the bottom and then a white/super pale cream on the top which is also a nice combo.

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