Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

This weekend I’m going to build a breakfast bar type extension perpendicular to a built-in unit in my living room, that I can set up decks and my pc and music stuff on. Will also hopefully paint the floor in the hall.

Got my brother coming over to lend a hand, we’re going to have lots of beers and nothing can possibly go wrong.

Right one looks nice now they’ve dried. Gunna go with it I reckon

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Yeah that’s dreamy I’m into it

Where will you draw the line tho? Chest height?

Yeah will be at the bottom of the windowsill. The window sits a foot or so above my desk so about chest height aye. Gunna get a pure white and go over the skirting boards, doorframe and windowsill so they pop a bit

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Sounds fab! So before and after pics pls :slightly_smiling_face:

Done some of my living room in this, doesn’t really go with the green sofa but it’s not near it. Wanted to get the sofa recovered in a natural sort of sandy colour but before fabric I’ve been quoted £300 So green sofa it shall remain.

Forgot the before. Gunna go over the skirting with white next weekend but happy with my handiwork for my first ever room painting


I absolutely love it! Fab job!

this looks really fucking good aggers

Carpets a bit shit innit

:grinning: great ingenuity.

Surely just wrap some sanding paper on a sanding block? Also, a fuck tonne of patience.

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180 bevels, or 180 doors?

They look like they’ve already been dipped, so I would use a bit of stripper and a shave hook to run along the edges before sanding down.

That looks very handy.

Just thinking if you had something like a dremel that would be handy for this, but assuming you’d have gone for that option already if it were available to you @anon26275971

got exactly this for doing some skirting prep. GBOT

I’d go dremel, maybe tape the edges of the glass to give you an early warning if you are getting too close?

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Stripping, sanding and preparing glazed, panelled doors will take ages. Very often it gets to the point where it’s a better use of time and money to just buy new, pre-primed ones.

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now you tell him!

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I didn’t know how many doors he had to do then!

I’ve been stripping and sanding our internal doors since we moved in eleven years ago. I’m averaging something like a door every two years.

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Oh, okay. Yeah, just put the radio on or something and work your way through it. It’ll take you a day or two per door.

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