Rolling DIY & home improvements thread

trying to hire a decorator to do my wallpapering, small job, 1 large wall, 2 medium size walls (so one wall in three rooms, three walls in total), what do you think I roughly should expect to pay for a job like that?

We paid a couple of hundred quid for a day, which got 1 medium wall and one small wall done.

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I wouldn’t bother with a decorator for a small job. I’d find a handyman (handyperson) who does relatively small jobs and can do wallpapering. It’d be better value.

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I’m building something* that is going to live outside most of the time, and it’s made out of plywood.

What’s the best paint or covering that will keep it weatherproof? Doesn’t necessarily need to be a colour, clear is fine

*a rebounder board for my son when playing football in the garden

tagging @marckee :laughing:

A tarp :wink:

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what did you say? convert a room into an indoor football pitch?

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If it’s going to be kept outside, then go for marine-grade ply.

I’d use a latex-based paint with a primer.

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Broke a mirror this morning.

It’s under a bathroom basin. Was thinking that adding a run of tiles to act as a ‘skirting board’ to cover it up would be the easy option?

I have a box left over from the kitchen being done. White rectangular ones. You know the type. They’re not quite tall enough to completely cover the crack, but they’ll probably be sufficient.

Best way to fix em on? No more nails?

A slather of silicone along the top (I’ll do my very best to be today, or will that look utterly shit regardless)? Could always get some proper thicker edging tiles with a proper finish on the narrow edge (only need half a dozen).

Silicon in between the tiles, or (I’m presuming you can get a small pot of ready mixed) grout?

Fingers crossed the crack doesn’t spread over time, but what will be will be.

too late with the wood i’m just using some offcuts but it’s not the end of the world if it rots over a year or two (and we’ll stick it in the garage in the winter). I’ll look into primers and latex paint.

Does it need to be tiled? Could you not just stick an MDF skirting across there?

Could do. Just thought it might look a bit out of place, in the context of the room. And I have the tiles sitting there. 🤷

Here’s one tile blu-tacked in place.

Not too bad, considering. Could be worse, anyway.

Tempted to just do the width of the mirror (550) rather than a full run along that wall and the bit around the corner to the door (1900, then there’s the 1500 wall opposite (similarly tiled down to the floorboards) that might need to be done for consistency). Will mull it over. If I just do the mirror width and it irks, it can easily be added to, I suppose.

Have never cut tiles before, but just watched one video by Wickes and a simple scored line then gentle snapping force looks easy enough. I’ve plenty of spares.

This is key.

“easy enough” (chuckles wistfully…)

Use a key to score the line?

Got it.

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I’ve dropped and smashed my favourite mug today.

It’s obviously been a smashing day.

Mate. Get a grip.

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I dug this.

Found a layer of compressed clay soil above a layer of mainly burnt wood, char and construction debris. Hoping that breaking through those mixing them up and putting a load of gravel in will significantly improve drainage on this side of the garden.

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