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Danish oil is a necessary part of any self-respecting man’s beauty regimen


I never suggested I respected myself though


PS I had a wood one in my last house. Absolutely have to oil it relatively regularly. They still get ‘worn’ but as marckee says, there’s a line between worn and actually damaged.


Me again.

Plumber says the bathtub was installed without a frame, and if we want they can redo it (how generous!) Given that we’ll be using it for the shower too, is this a sensible thing to have done, or are they trying to rinse us?


Dunno but probably. If clowns hadn’t installed the bath and sink (previous owners) we’d still have a kitchen ceiling.


The bathroom tiles are so hard that the plumber has had to go to the shop to get more diamond drill bits.

Is this my life now


Anyone got any clues how an inside pane could just go like this?


You’ve got yourself a level 3 possession there.


Yep, that was my theory. Thanks for the confirmation!


That or a massive pigeon


On the inside?

My GF was home at the time, she’s going deaf but she’d notice a pigeon - and the cat would go nuts.

Definitely a ghost.


If there’s not enough tolerance around the sealed unit, then sometimes thermal movement or settlement can induce a pressure point which then cracks. It looks like it started in the bottom right corner, so maybe the frame is not quite square in that point.

How long ago was it put in? Is it still covered by its warranty?


Yeah, turns out it’s a known fault so they’re replacing it for free.

Phew! :slight_smile:


That’s what they want you to think! Was there a strange crackling over the phone?




“Hello is that the window people? My window’s just smashed for no reason.”

“Yeah some of our windows do that. We’ll get you another one.”

“OK that’s very nice of you.”

“Not a problem.”

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It was just like that, but with some children laughing in the background and a crackle on the line.


That is NOT how to run a window business


(actually found some deets online about the issue with a number to call)