Rolling DIY thread


That is TOO FAR


Where’s the best place to post a job online?


Are you looking for quotes?

I would ask for recommendations from people you know or local Facebook groups or your council’s approved traders list, and then whittle them down to three with a bit of research.

Posting a listing somewhere is probably not the best way to get a good builder for a good price.


I’ve had multiple successes from MyBuilder


Totally disagree with this 🤷🤷


Nice one, that’s what I used years ago, wasn’t sure if there was a new kid on the block


We found a plasterer who we ended up using multiple times, as well as the guy who laid our floor who we used a few times too.

The times I’ve asked for recommendations from friends or FB groups I’ve been basically overwhelmed by the number of recommended people. We got our kitchen fitted by a guy personally recommended by several folk to us and he turned out to be a bit shit :grimacing:


Depends on job size I reckon. Trusted Trader has been good for smaller jobs for me.

Bigger things, I’d ask people you know. Once you have a few options it’s good to ask them if they have examples of work they can show you. We occasionally get people ringing up to come and check out work our builders did for us.


I think I am now a confirmed checkatrade man. But you have to ring them.


How are you finding painting with a cat around?
I put up my airer as a little door barrier and the cat spend the whole time sitting on the other side of it, crying, like she was in prison.
Can’t have a pure white cat around whilst painting a navy wall :smiley:


I dunno
I have a man who knows men to do anything I need


She took a shit on our bedroom floor in protest


Sounds about right.


I’m having a rant in the wrong thread tbh

We had someone out to check the roof cause of that ^ and they said theres nothing wrong with the roof/roof garden above us.

So I don’t really know what to do.

When I come back from holiday, I’m going to have to completely redecorate this room because furniture has gone mouldy, all the pain has run from this water shit and everything just feels damp and grim in there.

Any tips on what I can do will be very helpful. I’ve got a dehumidifyer but i’m thinking there may be something I can put on the walls? Like anti damp paint or something.


I used some dulux bathroom paint that was supposed to be anti-mould or something on the ceiling, and haven’t had any mould etc. The bathroom we have is pretty poorly ventilated and could do with an extractor fan, but has been fine tbh. Your issue looks quite severe, especially if you have a dehumidifier, but not sure…


That looks like condensation, rather than damp ingress, tbh.


But it’s not like that through the whole room. Just that one section. If it was condensation, wouldn’t it be like that in more places?


My bathroom is ok now I have a new fan in there but it wasn’t mega damp anyway.

I think I may get a damp specialist round or something. Has anyone known anyone to get a professional input?


Not really - that might just be a dead spot in terms of air circulation.


oh yeah that drippy from the ceiling shit happened with us didn’t it? and there was also mould in other bits of the room. i leave our window on constant air vent now - i’m not talking about the vent at the top (which is always open), but opening the window slightly and then shutting it closed. it means it’s always slightly open. does that make sense?