Rolling DIY thread

Yeah think it came out in one day, was plastered over the weekend. Then all of the units, tiles, lighting etc. was done in 4 days last week plus today. Used a fitter who does lots of IKEA kitchens so him and his apprentice were putting units together in no time.

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Not sure if this or furniture thread is right place for this stuff?

Have been trying to find a project to learn furniture touch-up / restoration and have come across two possible options.

On one hand I was thinking it might make sense to start with something cheap /free, but then I also know with my mentality that will mean I care less and will probably be less inclined to do a good job.

These two come with very cheap delivery, so even if overpriced would probably be cheaper than buying from e.g. Facebook and getting someone with a van.

So I do a lot of sewing and would would like to learn reupholstery, but this might be too challenging for a first try - like the look though.

I am in need of a dining table. Should just be a simple sand and stain/finish job right? Not keen on the chairs but can replace at later point.

  • Neither - you’re in over your head
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Why not both? (Money. Money is why.)

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Are you near a BHF furniture store? Always found them a goldmine for coffee & dining tables that need a sand n stain if you want summat cost friendly

There’s one in the nearest big town so could have a look once open again.

@marckee @Rangus @anyonewhoknowsstuff - do you think the dining table in the above link would come up well with scraper/sander and finishing stuff?

(for context, this is same table in a better condition - wouldn’t be able to get the detail on the legs but not too bothered about that OLD CHARM SOLID OAK DINING TABLE & CHAIRS | eBay - although looking again leg detail looks relatively ok)

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Oh that sounds like too much responsibility for me to say!

In my limited experience, things like this will nicely absorb a stain and come out really nice if you can very evenly remove all the finish that is currently on it. I know that’s kind of an obvious point, but there’s not much more to it.

So it’s more an issue of whether or not you’re up to the job! (/are willing to put the time and effort in. :upside_down_face:)

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Definitely willing to put the time and effort in as I’m keen to get in to refurbishing / reupholstering smaller bits of furniture.

But now I’m a bit puzzled and have a potentially stupid question. If the width of the table is wider than the door entrance, does that mean it won’t get inside?

It’s 90cm wide and 78cm high, but the front door fully open is only a 69cm (lol) gap. The back gate fully open is about 73cm.

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if you’ve got space around the door you can probably just upend the table and bring it in by angling the legs around the door frame.

That sounds like gibberish written down, I’m going to look for pictures.

I’ve found another listing for what appears to be the exact same table that says the top is removable. Guessing that’s what the sticky out bit on the side near the top is for. So going to order and hope for the best because I’m responsible like that :man_shrugging::sweat_smile:

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After stressing all night about this I finally added the chair to the cart along with the table, went to pay, and it was gone :sob:

At least the decision was taken out of my hands in the end. Will concentrate on getting the table into good shape. Found some carver chairs from the same maker at a good price on Facebook, so they’ll do really nicely for the two ends.

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Upholstery can be done pretty well by beginners. I’ve recovered a few dining chairs as I have a habit of finding furniture on the street and in skips. I’d say the easiest method if you’re covering the seat of a chair is to use a staple gun and you can add upholstery tacks afterwards as a decorative touch. If you go in first with the tacks it can be hard to get the fabric tension right. Also, cut a snip out of the corner to avoid the fabric bunching up.

Also, if you’re interested in furniture, take a look at this site: the-saleroom | Live online auctions site | Collectables & Antiques

You have to find the right auctions to watch but when you do, you can get some real bargains. My friend got a Victorian roll top bath for £20! Be warned it is highly addictive.

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ohh here’s one:

I’ve got one of those wall boxes upstairs that you plug your phone/router into but I don’t need it and since I pulled the wood panelling off my walls the cable is exposed and in the way.

If I just cut this cable out of the box am I likely to have no internet? and if I want it gone and it’s more complicated than it looks do you have to call open reach to come and do it for you?

One of these?


If so, I’ve taken about 10 of these out of our house since we moved in last year. The place was last decorated in the 90s and the previous owners obviously wanted to be high tech and have phone access in every room of the house. Must have been just before cordless phones proliferated and made them redundant. Anyway, no ill effects from ripping them and the associated wiring out so far. Your main cable will most likely come in somewhere at the front of your property…

yeah one of them.

i’m guessing the part where the router plugs in is connected to the main cable out of sight…somewhere in the box.

and the upstairs cable is sort of…feeding off that bit where it’s been connected. something like that