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Trigger’s broom

I’ve got the scaffold up now! I could reach a few of the tiles and the wind is only 60mph tonight?!
Both the scaffolders and painter have been all “have you been up there yet?!” Its fucking high and I hate heights lads!

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Yeah, we do kind of have a roof fund set aside from when we bought. Roof feels like one of those things that is a problem when it becomes an actual problem though. Like arguably it could be replaced now, but it could do another 10+years. It’s probably at the nursing home stage but who knows how long it could cling on?!
Is also has sark board underneath so leaks wouldn’t be that apparent…

You might find roofers are booked up through the summer now anyway so get some quotes and plan it for next summer maybe?

If you’ve got the money saved and know it’s something that will eventually need doing then it’s more about finding a time when it’ll be convenient for you.

I’ve primed the double garage floor. Back breaking shifting all the stuff around from one side then the other. Now need to wait for it to be a touch warmer then can get the epoxy down

If there’s anything I’ve learned about household maintenance, it’s getting a poorly roof seen to as soon as you possibly can :frowning:

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That latest iteration of triggers broom in the photo looks about 200 years old though!

wallpaper has arrived, 2 rolls from one batch 1 roll from another (only doing one wall). Eyeballing confirms they are noticeable different

I don’t know what he is on about. Just use wood sleepers, they will look great and be very strong. We have a much larger retaining wall made from sleepers. 4 sleepers high, held up by supporting sleepers set in concrete foundation.

Wood is strong!

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Hello, we have this big huge crack in the hall between a large window and the stairs. Himself and his dad have knocked out all the loose gunk and such with a view to filling with some kind of industrial house fixing filler.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Is there any chance subsidence or something could have caused that?

a new crack or just uncovered?

Just uncovered, and it’s been chiseled out as well, it wasn’t this scary looking on its own.

@shinymcshine the report found no subsidence, we think it’s a stress crack.

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Does the crack go deeper than the plaster?

Sort of? You can see the block work and the bricks. Here’s the worst bit:

Further down is like this: