Rolling dongles

using a dongle?

got two on the go right now

No I am not.

Got a little ethernet to thunderbolt dongle action on the go at the minute but that’s it.


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Can’t stop reading about this Labour split so you could say I am engaging with a large number of dongles right now

No I’m not, thank you

you’re welcome

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Wi-Fi dongle, because for some stupid reason this PC didn’t have wireless built in
Bluetooth dongle, for my mouse
and because I’m lazy, there’s also another wireless dongle still plugged in from my old mouse. Should probably get rid of that one.

Got a wireless dongle for my PC at home but it wasn’t good enough for all the incredibly high level online gaming* I do so I’m now running a 4 metre ethernet cable across the room instead. Irritating.

Got a Bluetooth dongle for my headset at work because I’m an incredibly important business person in the world of business and I’m far too busy and important for wires.

*digital card games

Never knowingly dongled.

My dongle’s notoriously always rolling.