Rolling EFL 2018/19 thread


Less than a week to go until the start of the brand spanking new English Football League season!

What pre-season action have you taken in this summer? How do you rate your club’s signings?

And as always… PREDICTIONS!

League One:
League Two:
EFL Cup:
EFL Trophy:

Stay safe out there.

our first game is on a Monday annoyingly

dunno about this season. apparently in terms of owner wealth we have the 3rd richest owners in the country. depends if we sign anyone

easy to laugh at but Terry going is a HUGE loss. same with Snoddy (@Severed799) and Johnstone. think Grealish will have an amazing season though

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to win the Champo, I think WBA. they have kept the majority of their squad so should be a class above

Came just in time that injection of cash, really, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to keep hold of Grealish. Think Villa should do ok, but as you say, depends on who they sign.

yeah there was murmurings we would still need to sell cause of FFP but apparently thats not the case now

can see Boro going up too. Traore is too good for this league

Stoke, Derby and Villa to go up I think (apologies to any fans of those teams for now inadvertently cursing them).

it will be interesting to see Bojan in this league

Wait where’s the prince gone again?

back to West Ham. scored against us in the week in a friendly too

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I feel this thread needs a #ssp

Norwich played a by all accounts thoroughly uninspiring game with Charlton yesterday where we lost 1-0. 12th at best.

If they actually start playing him I might have to start going to games given I work right next to the Olympic stadium…

oof dont go there! apparently it is a horrible experience

I dunno, that match where they basically had a riot looked fun. Also you underestimate my undying love for Robert Snodgrass.

Charlton only have 16 fit first-team players out of a squad of about 20…

I did enjoy my local paper saying they were one of the favourites to get promoted though! Top research.

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Mm, we played something approaching a starting XI as well…

Really not sure how the Green Army will fare this season. Last year’s 7th place might be hard to live up to again. We’ve signed about 56 players again so will probably take them time to settle but having Ryan Edwards back from his cancer treatment is a huge plus. As with the start of last season, I’ll be happy with anything 20th or above, but my heart says we might just tickle the play-offs again.


West Brom or Villa for me. It seems especially open this year, I’m struggling to pick a top 6. Depressingly, Derby look to have recruited very well - but then this always seems to be the case! They would be my dark horses for the title and a stick on for playoffs. A lot of previews have Stoke as favourites… not sure I see tha.

I’m optimistic that Forest can compete for a playoff place, we’ve added quality in every position and retained some of the successful loan players from last year. The three Portuguese lads all look great, João Carvalho might be a little too good for us! The last time we backed a manager in this fashion it was Pearce and he struggled after a decent start, I’m just hoping we don’t shit ourselves and sack Karanka if we start slowly, I’ve been impressed with him so far.

Things are definitely looking up, the academy is still producing (hoping Gomis and Appiah get a run out this season) and we’ve sold over 20,000 season tickets. I’m hopefully watching a match in September when I’m back home, might struggle to get a ticket!

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villa wont go up guys

Bielsa at Leeds is utterly fascinating, moreso than anything in the top flight. Lampard at Derby, the Wolves II experiment at Forest, Sunderland in the third tier, and Exeter after Tisdale all quite interesting as well.

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