Rolling EFL 2018/19 thread


I know most people think Dave Whelan’s a bellend, but when you think about it what he’s done there’s bloody insane, eh? Took them from the Third Division to the Premier League, from a rundown Springfield Park to a new stadium, and won the bloody FA Cup. Fair play, weird man.


Broke his leg in the FA cup didnt he?


“Dave Vegan”, said yer da


Steel City derby or FA Cup for your viewing tonight?

  • Great city, great league is the Champo, easy choice gaffer
  • Imagine not watching the brave famous cup competition

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Nothing against either club, but the third city derby’s such a grim fixture. Love Villa Park, obviously, and generally find their fans well-humoured and realistic (sort of like City supporters were for many years), but they tend to be low-scoring and low quality affairs.

Oh, Glen Whelan’s playing…


Good prediction


I’m still bashing the bookies, bud!


Fourth best side in the country for me, Leeds. What a game. Leeds should have had six or seven.

41,000 as well, fair play.

That young lad on the left wing who looks like Michael Johnson won’t be playing in the second tier for long.


Forest are on the verge of giving Karanka the boot. I can sort of see why - drab and uninspiring at home, coughing up leads - but it seems pretty foolish. We are still within touching distance of the playoffs. Our away record is the best we’ve ever had since returning to the Championship, it isn’t all bad!

As usual there’s a frankly shocking list of likely replacements, mostly ex Forest players and proper football men. However… there’s also a few interesting ones, including Jardim (?!) and Jokanovic. Either of them would certainly be fun.


Weird. A few disappointing results recently but letting a manager sign 25 players over two windows and then booting him when achieving your realistic target (play offs) is still more than possible is poor.


Think it’s the performances, too. We’ve been shite at home all season, barring maybe three matches. We’ve not looked convincing in pretty much every home match.


But, yeah, totally daft to sack him now.


Despite the fact yous went 3-0 up against us youbwerent actually very good against us so I can kinda see why


Standard away performance, periods where we moved the ball nicely and hit on the break, but spent so much time with ten behind the ball. The trouble with spending so much time in your own box is that it’s inevitable that the opponents are going to have chances. Which you certainly did! It’ll work against most teams away from home, but against decent opposition we are eventually going to take an absolute pasting.

Must have been a great game to see in person. Could have been 10-5 to you. I was impressed (again) by how well your fullbacks played and how well you pressed. If Leeds and Norwich went up I’d be very happy.


Off over to Norwich in an hour or so. You going @Severed799 ? Can see us getting a pasting to be quite tbqh. Norfolk in chance


Really need a win today against Burton (A). If we lose then Derek Adams has to go. Can’t see how his position is still in any way tenable even if we do win tbh. @shrewbie who’ve your lads got today?


we’re going to lose away to Birmingham today, and as I dislike Birmingham a great deal this is going to be very annoying, doubly so if any of their multiple ex-Brentford players score. which they will.


We are @rochdale, forms turned around to such an extent that I’m actually expecting us to get something. Should have got a point at sundyland but had a shot that crossed the line not given


Tell me, what’s that like? I think we’re sunk already really, keep losing to the other teams at the bottom, and our defence is just a joke.


Back in the big smoke now but will be at our new year’s game against brentford