Rolling EFL 2018/19 thread


We’re nowhere near out of it but think if we manage to keep hold of Payne & O’ Brien on loan from Hudds then we’ll end up staying up comfortably, since the Rahic misery has been lifted we’ve looked really good and have scored 17 in 6

Massive game for you guys on Tuesday now


4-3 in the 93rd minute :grin:


I feel this result would particularly annoy Forest fans


Brentford didn’t lose AND we got our first clean sheet away from home all season. what a time to be alive.

three home games back to back now, probably going to lose them all


Nah, if you can’t laugh at that then you’re a weirdo.


Yeah I’m dreading it really. They lost to Rovers yesterday but have beaten us twice already this season and it’s all set up for them to do it again. Seems like when anything remotely hopeful happens we immediately go back to losing the next game. I’d really love to give them up but it’s been about 27 years, can’t just switch it off now!


What a fucking ridiculous, brilliant league.

Best in the world by a mile.


Hopkin deserves a big fat medal from turning bradford from the worst side in the county to this

Great man, great dinner lady
gutted our next game isn’t for 11 days


Yeah, same. Just as we find something even resembling our stride, in comes the fucking cup to ruin things.


I think I may have posted something about this at the start of the season but he’s such a nice bloke so here’s an updated version ahead of the weekend’s FA Cup action.


Alan Judge has gone to Ipswich :cry:

scored the goal to get up promoted to the Championship, key player in our first season in the Championship when we got to the playoffs, bossed the next season and would have got a move to a Premier League team if some Ipswich dickhead hadn’t broken his leg and put him out for a couple of years (tbh I’m amazed he’s gone there, if I’d had my career ruined at a ground I wouldn’t move there permanently).

not been great since he came back but scored at Arsenal which was ace, probably wants to play and wasn’t going to be first choice for us now



He’ll be welcomed with open arms by us. Like the 3rd time we’ve tried to sign him I think. Little Luke Hyam, whose poor tackle scuppered his leg, has moved on from the club.

Starting to feel like all hope isn’t lost for town. But it probably is


yeah I heard that Hyam had gone. McCarthy was a bit of a dick about the whole thing iirc and he’s gone too. probably helps. he’s not the same player he was before the injury though, definitely lost something but his set pieces are still good.

hope he does well


bradford have resigned billy clarke <3 fans are grumbling cos we haven’t brought in a targetman but I’m chuffed, missed loads of sitters for us but was a lovely player to watch and clearly likes the club

also @noahvale is jacob butterfield any good?


He hasn’t had a sniff under Lampard, and very few starts under Rowett so not played first team for getting on 2 years. He became a bit of a whipping boy for the fans so very few here are sad to see him go. That said, he is a pretty decent midfielder who will get a few goals too. League One should suit him


Norwich put on a pressing clinic tonight - that was some performance.


Forest were shite today but could’ve easily 4 or 5 with a more composure in front of goal. Grabban was excellent, everything seemed to stick to him. Obviously take him off pens though, I think that’s 4 misses this year - yikes. MON seems to think Watson should be starting, which is frankly astonishing given the evidence.

I thought Brentford were unlucky, but the two centre backs were easily bullied, a real weak link in an excellent team. Everything Forest created was off the back of weak centre back play, hopeful punts forward causing far too much trouble.


FArkeball! Hoping for an utter demolition of Ipshit the morra, work on that sweet sweet goal difference


Any news on what happened to Jack Clarke?


He’s been discharged and is apparently ok. But it was a pretty worrying turn, had to be treated with oxygen etc. Bielsa went straight off to visit him at hospital yesterday