Rolling EFL 2018/19 thread


Fucking love Mick


Love him, and not just cuz he never beat us


Brentford drew 1-1 at Stoke, apparently we hammered them, shat ourselves at the back for their goal and should have won easily. last season when we went away to “big” teams we’d do that and then lose 3-1, so an improvement there :clap:


I’ve never understood why parachute payments are a thing. Surely relegation wage reductions should be set in stone for all clubs, say 35%, and the money saved used to increase the pot the Premier League passes on to the lower leagues, which i believe is currently just 5%…?



really feeling our pre-match jackets


any expats / vpn owners using ifollow to watch games?
the video feeds have commentary again this season! but it’s too low in the mix so you can barely hear it under the crowd noise


Brentford are playing Sheff Wed today at 3pm. don’t really like Sunday matches, 3pm feels additionally odd as most Sunday matches I can remember have usually been at like 12:30pm or something.

hope we win 15-0 regardless