Rolling Fantasy Football Thread (Thread League Code: defioq)

How is that even possible. Team please

I scored 29 - 8.

Rico sat with 8 pts on the bench laughing at me

No idea. Pure fluke.


Wow. Just had a look at your team and you had the 17th highest rank of the week. 17th. Out of 6,500,000.



not a bad jump this week :smile:

Incredible stuff, you might even have been number 1 in the world without using a chip.

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Fucking Hell! How do I find that screen actually?

on the right:


‘view gameweek history’

Top 20 Managers each week (incl Manager of the Week) will receive:

FPL t-shirt, stress ball, pen, pad and key ring

You should hope for Lundstram and Aubamayang red cards if you want your t-shirt!!!


Fingers crossed!

I will do anything (I mean ANYTHING) for that key ring if you get one

Don’t count your FPL chicken keepers before they hatch!

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53 points plus Leno. Pretty content with that

Barely worth mentioning now @Kallgeese owns the FPL.


Currently on 13 points.
Just need a couple of penalty saves from Dean Henderson, a hat trick from Lundstram and clean sheets for both to make my game week even vaguely respectable

Hope hope

doing really badly this season, cba trying to work out why

fucking off sterling for de bruyne now isn’t going to go well for me is it?

was gonna ask why the hell you don’t have both of them but it’s not like they’re doing anything is it

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Matches against Burnley, Palace, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Sheff Utd and Norwich.

One single assist.


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@Kallgeese seems you finished 52nd for the week. Excellent work. I think that the top 20 managers of the week don’t include anyone that used a chip, so you might be in with a shout of some prizes anyway.

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Deadline is tonight, friends