Rolling Fantasy Football thread


There’s a game tonight. Subs are done after the gameweek is finished


Oh and none of your subs played


Tuesday night? What is this shit? How can anyone put music gigs on these days. Was bad enough if you happened to pick a Euro Wednesday or whatever.


It’s Monday night? Think Australia time has got to you


Oh right yeah, it’s Tuesday morning so I just sort of assume everything is done and dusted.

But as you say none of my subs played the request still stands for new low-to-mid-tier losers who actually get a match?


Go to transfers, filter on your budget, sort the results by total score so far, check the stats to make sure they’ve been playing in recent weeks


Christ mate. Why don’t I just do my tax return while I’m at it?


get rid of one of your keepers, there’s no point having two good keepers in


All keepers cost about the same I think? But yeah can do to scrape done pennies, cheers.

Which one to keep? They seem to do best when I bench them, then I swap back and they’re reversed again.


Keep ederson


You can get back up ones at rubbish teams for cheap (eg someone like Karl Darlow).

Either would be fine - Ederson will get more clean sheets but De Gea will likely get more saves. I would go Ederson myself though


Thanks to you and @Aggpass


This website is great:

Good week so far, 17 from my weakest 4 players. Shame Murray didn’t pay off but he’s got good fixtures coming up.

Gonna be so gutted when Salah or Mane is rested tomorrow.