Rolling Fantasy Football thread



Guaranteed to come on for the last 5 minutes for a garbage point. Definitely bench him


Top 1k for the first time ever. Good wildcard for now


I took all of my own advice and 2/3s of it paid off.


Wow, nice going!


Up into the Champions League spots in the dis league but way behind first.
Got to decide if I captain Hazard or Aguero. Currently on Aguero but the extra point for a goal is tempting.

Don’t forget there is a game this evening, so don’t leave changes until tomorrow morning.


Aguero not in squad

Murray benched



Would swapping Aguero and Hazard > Aubameyang and Sterling just be a sideways move? Sterling looking to be a lot more consistent than Hazard this season.


Don’t know but I’d bet my life on Sterling being rested midweek.


Didn’t even realise there were midweek fixtures! Thank you!


Aubameyang is my hidden weapon as he is oddly underrated


Only selected by 17% of teams. V odd for the highest scoring forward. Arsenal have a very solid run of fixtures now too.


I made this exact move. There is a risk that Sterling gets a rest but looks like Aguero is injured anyway.


One price drop and one price rise overnight and I now can’t afford this :sweat:


Yeah, I normally prefer to wait but saw that might happen. Hopefully not too much of a risk as the games are tomorrow. A bit worried about not having Aguero now though/


Advise please hive mind. Currently got Mane and Hazard in midfield.

Do I keep Hazard and swap potentially injured Mane for Leroy Sane.

Or do I get rid of Hazard and get Raheem Sterling in, keeping Mane for when he returns.


Neither sounds great to me. I’d get rid of Mane though, especially if you already have Salah.


I don’t have Salah, can’t afford :confused:


I’m not comfortable not having any City mids, they can go off huge at any time. I’d prioritise Sterling, but sane is a good alternative if you don’t want to chase the points that have already gone.


What’s your whole team?