Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I did Aguero > Auba before Mane was yellow flagged.

Now thinking Mane > Eriksen, Hazard > Sterling for a -4


Head’s up that it looks a certainly Aguero won’t play- not spotted with the squad travelling today


At the moment…

(Please ignore the daft captaincy of Richarlison)


We have the exact same back 7.

Personally I’d be prioritising getting shot of Mane. I’d bring Sterling in over Sane, and would downgrade Mitro to enable it if you need funds. That’s just me though. Sterling is gonna rack up a lot more points than Sane over the course of the season (although I think he’ll be rested tonight)

In summary: dunno, minefield


One more rested player and I’ll be having Jiminez, Doherty and Hojbjerg off the bench :anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished: fixtures: Chelsea and Spurs

Have Robertson so likely to have one more rested at least, might not even get 11 players out this week.


Fraser :heart_eyes:
Wilson :heart_eyes:


Wish i had Wilson :frowning: Thank goodness I have Fraser.

I do have Murray though, so have two goals and an assist on the board already :smiley:




Glad Brighton are keeping a clean sheet because it means Duffy will get me… oh.




It was fun while it lasted.
Might do something drastic now, like get rid of Salah.


Who should I replace Arnautovic with?

  • Jiminez
  • Mitrovic

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Not only was Aguero out for both games, none of my bench played in the last round. Superb stuff.


oh brilliant, what I thought was my Free Hit, which got me a grand total of 31 points, was actually my Wildcard. FFS


Bringing in Sterling and Auba worked a treat then.


whos ya captain

  • The Big Red Machine Kane
  • Aubameyang
  • Salah
  • Sterling
  • Other

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We all chose well, eh?


I took the twat out for a -4


Nice of Wilson to twank his hamstring the week after I finally admitted to myself he was worth bringing in.


Kane benched is a disaster, especially as my main rival has Salah as VC. Not my week.