Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Why yes, I am upset about my bench.


Join the club. 7, 2, 6 and 6.

Never normally do this but did a panicky 11:25 -4 switch from Auba to Kane, put the captaincy on him and rearranged my bench. Cost me 10 points before Auba has even played.

Oh well. Overall I can’t moan, into the top 10k and having a nose bleed, with Salah and Robertson to play.


I like your squad.


Thanks. I’m really happy with it and don’t feel the need to change anything, yet at the same time I’ve had appalling returns in the last few weeks. I’m going to be patient.

Praying that some of my players are dropped so I can get some sweet bench points.


Very similar team to me. Have had terrible returns the last 3 weeks, feels so unjust.

Double Man City defence is killing me. Ederson and Laporte don’t have long to make things up to me


Want shot of Laporte, almost pulled the trigger this week which would have meant Jiminez would start for me :frowning:

Still want to get rid of him but I’ll wait until after Burnley, lest he burn me.


Any suggestions on general improvements to make here? Diangana was a terrible punt I took based on some West Ham fans insisting he’s the next big thing. Thinking of downgrading Ederson so I can get Sane in, but very concerned about rotation too.


Thinking of potentially doing Ederson > Fabianski, Fraser > Anderson


You’re gonna play Ederson every week so I’d change Hennessey for a 4.0, free up a bit of cash.

You’ve a very similar squad to mine, and like mine I don’t think there’s much to change, even if the last few weeks haven’t been great. Next week I’d take out Laporte for someone cheap.

The extra 0.5 from Hennessey and whatever from Laporte will allow you to upgrade Diagana to Anderson next week, and not lose Fraser who I think is still gonna be good value for the rest of the season.


First time in ages I’ve felt happy with my line-up (cue potty pep benching Sane, and Wilson doing his knee again)


Bench is Schurrle, Bennett and W-Biss


Mitro is definitely getting a hatty int he.




Who do you have your eye on for replacing Laporte?


If Bednarek plays again this week then him, he’s 3.9 so would be an extra 2.1 that I can put into my midfield. If Bednarek doesn’t play then probably someone around 4.5, or maybe Digne. In the weird position of having too many threatening players, which means I keep putting the wrong people on the bench (see last week, 40 on the pitch, 26 on the bench) so I’m kinda looking forward to having a bench that I feel confident aren’t gonna get 10 points.


Toby / Balbuena / Digne


First time I’ve ever had a Utd player in I think. We’re gonna win the league


Can’t bring myself to get any Utd players in for at least a few weeks regardless of fantastic fixtures


Yep, waiting to see if it’s sink or swim for Ole before touching any of them lot


Refuse to ever have a united player in my squad on moral grounds. Also have an absolute minimum of 2 Fulham players in the squad at all times