Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Ballsy- Mitrovic and Cairney?


Mitro & Schurrle atm


I’m keeping an eye on Mitrovic- gonna wait until Chicharito loses his decent fixtures and Jiminez gets injured / suffers a draught and then probably bring him in


Should get one of these:


You’d think on a Premier league footballers wages he could afford insulation


I stand by this typo


Apparently Ryan is off to the Asian cup from the next GW, so Button is actually a good shout at 4.0


Read this as Buffon and was really confused


Yeah I got Button in :slight_smile:


Everything I do is wrong


Aubameyang © and Son were my gems this week. without them and Alisson I’d have got 7 points from 8 players (thanks Dunk)


This really is a remarkably shit Christmas


Had a great run with Doherty but I think it’s time to part ways:

  • Trent Alexander Arnold
  • Digne
  • Perieria

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Played my free hit. Cant wait for all the players to be rested


8 from 5, this is getting out of hand


Missing Doherty?

I went Pogba captain this week, delighted Kane only got one goal. Still need him to return cos the rest of my team is shite


I’ve kept and captained Sterling. Hope my bravery pays off. I’ve lost a 100 point lead in my work League in 3 GWs.


Lowest points haul of the season so far. Played my wildcard and absolutely gutted my squad. Only Hazard, Aubameyang and Wan-Bissaka left standing, sick of the sight of everyone else. Brought Solksjaer in as interim manager for the rest of the season, pressure off, get the lads playing with a smile on their faces again.


Forgot to update my line up so I’ve got 2 Fulham players away at arsenal, and fraser and bennett with tasty home games on my bench. Fucked it


There it is