Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Ouch… Gone from unable to do anything wrong until Boxing Day to unable to do anything right since. Dropped Fraser, benched two clean sheets and my team looks fucked for next week.

Stupid fucking game…


Took a 4 point hit this week

IN: Salah, Alisson, Kamara
OUT: Aubamayang, Martial, Fabianski

Don’t want to lose Auba but had to get Salah back in because the twat has burned me every week since I finally took him out. Captained him this week so no doubt he’ll blank while Auba gets a hatty.


Went for a similar thing to get Salah in, but I now have Salah, Hazard, Kane and Auba, plus… well, the point is I have those 4 now.


20 points on my bench yet again. I’ve gone to shit.


Took Son out for Camarasa earlier this week

Kane is now out until early March so it’s -4 time to bring in Rashford…

I now have 9.2m in the bank :joy: :no_mouth:

Wondering if I should bump it up to a -8 to replace Richarlison with Sane/Sterling/Hazard OR replace Kamara with Aguero.


Had three shit weeks after a good couple months


I have Hazard but want rid. Was going to go with Eriksen but not sure how effective he’ll be without Kane or Son to provide for.


Kamara apparently started on Mitro during Yoga (an incredible image, obviously), I don’t think he’s going to get much playing time


Shipped him out for Kun. First -8 of the season, eep.


-4 for Kane + Kenedy -> Firmino + Pogba for me


I have saved myself the agony of needing to take big hits this week by having no decent players to start with


Got rid of Kane because of his injury and brought Rashford in, now got a cool 5m in the bank.

Already got Salah.

  • Get rid of Richarlison, bring in Hazard.
  • Keep Richarlison, save the 5m for a rainy day, Hazard’s not doing much against Arsenal this weekend.

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Richarlison’s next few fixtures are silly - is there nobody else you can upgrade?




:shrug: guess not. Mitro -> Auba/Firmino/Higuain is also an option innit.


A good point. I hadn’t thought of that!


Bournemouth have a pretty rough next seven games. Could get Mané, Pogba or Sané in for Fraser?


Already got Pogba but your point is definitely worth thinking about, cheers.


Higuain 9.5m


no thanks