Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Gentle reminder for everyone that there's a round of midweek games so you've got to sort your teams out sharpish




Decided to try and be clever and switch Sanchez for Kane as captain.


I'm still not sure if Charlie Daniels is actually a real person, but he is a Fantasy Football legend for me Clive.


Ha had Williams in after all for Monreal :heart_eyes:


Hazard was injured on the weekend, not playing tonight. Can also looking unlikely so I'll have Allen and Smith (6 points) coming off the bench. Definitely could have gone worse.


Obviously I shouldn't rely on it, but why is the FF injury thing so bad? Hazard still looks like he's playing, plus it said Antonio was deffo injured at the weekend, who then went and scored.


Don't get why anyone would change their line-up based on short term injuries (obvs if you're selling someone because of it that's different). Either they play and get points, or they don't play and they get auto-subbed out. Dropping Hazard tonight would be fucking mental


Need Chelsea to win like 364378-nil.



Because sometimes they're about 75% / 50%, and chances are they'll come on and make a 1 point sub appearance


you can shove this game right up your arse ..bloody hell


62 points, probably 3 more for a bonus for Lallana, despite having Kane as captain and him failing to score in a 3 0 win over Hull.



on for 80 points, won't have 11 players playing and my captain did nothing. imagine if i'd gone for rondon over iheanacho


Captain and vice captain didn't play. Gunna get 50+ anyway which is good


65, up to 8th. Lovely stuff.


I don't think two Fantasy Football players have ever trolled me more over the years than Hazard and Eriksen. Buy them, they do fuck all. Don't, they get 20 points...


awful week again
knew I should have brought origin in instead of llorente
pesky stats & doubts over game time


Wish I'd made Lallana captain... bit sneaky of Hazard to not even bother travelling.


Hazard's captaincy bouncing to Ibrahimovic has alleviated another pretty dire week, with 4 players managing to be absent and Deeney trolling me again. Big fan of Stones not playing in the single game City manage a clean sheet particularly.


Actually been bounced up to 5th, feels precarious. Also up to 3rd in the mangal 2's league (the gobby kebab place in dalston) which is the real quiz tbh