Rolling Fantasy Football thread


No changes since the midweek disappointment.

They can’t all really be injured, can they?


Replied to the wrong post again didn’t I



  • Costa (Palace away)
  • Kane (Burnley home)

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  • McAuley (United home)
  • Walcott (City away)

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Thinking about getting Walcott in. But also playing Brunt. So not sure I know the answer to that one…


Dagnabbit. I was one of the single digit number of people in the country who had Danny Amartey in their team at one stage, mostly because of his extremely low cost.

Still, decent point tally so far, with most of the big hitters still to play.


Costa and Negredo doing the business, west ham clean sheet
Could be a v good week if Kane scores a couple tomorrow


5 played, 30 points, probable bonuses incoming for Costa, Dave & Pickford. Decent


ignored you all and took a punt on Kane, probably won’t pay off but Costa only got 5 points so nbd


3rd week in a row where my bench is doing better than half my team. Took a punt on Walcott this week. Has enjoyed playing City in the past, so who knows…


Up to 2nd place in the DiS league until tomorrow when aggpass cleans me out, but until then you can all suck my balls (except asita)


Wow, I thought the match ups weren’t going to work in my favour this weekend but it’s been brutal.

Really need a big match from Mane, Lallana and hopefully Origi now.


[quote=“Ruffers, post:431, topic:5713, full:true”]
you can all suck my balls[/quote]

I wish :kissing_heart:


I’d like to warmly thank the three pricks who voted for option A here.


@Aggpass @asita @whoeverisin4th
Oh it’s on now make no mistake
Also factoring in @saps just to say hi, if you all could too that’d be grand.


Full credit to Everton in keeping Steklenberg on past 60 minutes so I got points for a clean shent. The additional time which cost them a point.


Think I’ll be taking Iheanacho right back out of my team this week


I’m thinking about this too although I know he’s guaranteed a Boxing Day hattrick if I do.


The problem is that ive got Costa suspended too (though I’ll probably go 4-5-1 and put him on my bench). Ive really not had a great contribution from my strikers this season, thankfully my midfield has covered for them


Same here - I’m nearly convinced Rondon will score big against Arsenal on Boxing Day but he doesn’t have my full faith as my only striker.