Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Had an abysmal run the past nine weeks. Almost dropped out the top million. Didn’t qualify for the cup.

My team looks good on paper, I’ve just been unlucky.


Are you asking me to suck your balls?


As always


What a world.


Alright, Alan.


cup starts next game week & I’m on -4 points already




Anyone been drawn someone interesting in the cup? I’ve been drawn this chump. Wish there was a function for a bit of trash talk.


Been drawn against someone from fucking australia.


A Man United fan from Kazakhstan, inventively named MAN U KAJAK. Reasonably happy there is no way of communicating tbh


Ive somehow ended up with Llorente as my sole striker for the next game. Fucked it


Pretty pleased with resisting the temptation to bring Bigtekkers in so far. Maybe once Allardicio has started drilling his creative players on crosses 5 days a week.


Woof! 64 points with 5 still to play. Have some of that, Man U Kajak!


Assuming walker and vertonghen don’t spurs it up with minus points tonight, I’m through in the cup.

  • Through
  • Out
  • Could still go either way

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OUT to the magnificently named The Wuck Fits.

43 - 64 down after my strikers earned me a grand total of 3 points, while they captained Ibra. I’ve got two Spurs players left (Lloris, Walker), while he’s got Walker and also Pierre-Emile Højbjerg for Saints left to play.


I think I’m out in the first round unless Kyle Walker scores a hattrick tonight.

Terrible cup performance but I’m in the top two of most of the leagues I entered.


Losing 55-57 if you take an automatic sub each into account. Both have two different Spurs players left.


Need Captain Slackjaw to bail me out tonight
Not feeling confident


Who’ve you both got? I smell a poll coming here


He better start scoring the bellend.
Gonna bin him off for either augero or Zlatan if not.