Rolling Fantasy Football thread

  • Vertonghen and Walker
  • Rose and Eriksen (+2 head start)

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Anyone planning on playing their wildcard as soon as it’s available after the next round? Might do it to de-Arsenal my team and get Aguero back.


Despite being 3rd in the DiS league, my dismal week 17 means I haven’t qualified for the cup.

Looking at a wildcard move to get Aguero back in and try to fix my defence, but I generally try to wait til the transfer window slams shut.


Out in the first round of the cup, like some sort of Fantasy Football QPR…


Concentrating on the cup’s for the Man Utd’s of the world anyway, it can gtf tbh


Polite reminder that this game week’s deadline is 7pm this evening thanks to Hull vs Everton.


Two absolute silly pointless teams that you wouldn’t remember if they suddenly ceased to exist.


Who are you all captaining/vice this week?


Bit harsh on whoever Wigan are playing.



dunno who it is tbh, shit league


captain: Costa
vice: Heroin


Ihenacho or Negredo? Doesnt matter, whoever i dont pick will score a hatttrick


Lad I’ve got in the cup has outscored me in each of the last 3 weeks. Zero chance of a win for the horsemen this week


ughhh. Pickford, Walker and Walcott all unavailable, and I’d already done a few transfer to get Mkhi back.

brought in Fabregas for Walcott, though - 6.9 mio!!




Will Fabregas play now Kante & Costa are back?


well he was unfancied before, and he’s played really well since being brought in out of necessity?

but yeah, no, fucking spannered it haven’t I.


Stoke are a bit pish so they might go for Cesc over Matic I guess


Had two free transfers and could’ve done nothing again. Decided to get rid of Pickford and got the cheapest keeper in who never plays, just cos I never play anyone but Courtois anyway. Straight swap with Walker out for Rose who’s a bit cheaper and seems in a really good bit of form


Doubled up on Soton defenders:

Even though I have dropped to 1,130,000 overall I am still convinced my team is great and will come good.