Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Benched Matt Phillips like a big silly cock didn’t I


Really impressed that, on the weekend that I captain Zlatan, Jose decides to revert to his crap midfield.


I see how you’re so good at this! you try and discourage other people from making excellent choices. well, I stuck to my guns, Aggers.

going to print out all those Fabregas points, all 9 of them or however many it ends up being. and I’m going to rub them all over myself.


Got Matt Phillips’ goal and assist sitting as my 2nd choice bench option. I’m not happy today. Gunna chuck my small betting account on City turning over the scousers, this might improve my mood.


did Rondon do anything today? I have him up top with Ibra, who also did nothing. crashing back down to earth after my first really big week last week (80 points).

I never have any depth on my bench :confused:


Glad I saved a transfer. Might make 3 next week. Have to get rid of Anichebe, even if it means downgrading Hazard severely…


Rondon didn’t start but got subbed in for 1; Ibra got an assist.


ahhh, happy with that assist! he’s my captain.


Almost subbed in Andre Gray for Rondon… #coulda #shoulda #woulda


More like Virgin van Dick, amirite?


On the plus side, the team I’ve drawn in the cup has got a distinctly not-logged-in-since-the-summer feel to them, featuring the likes of Manninger, Stones and Kaputska (??). Going to be tight even so.


Need Zaha to smash Arsenal single-handedly for me to have a chance in the cup, or for watford to smash a bundle past the spuds


Done the wildcard-to-get-kun shuffle


Peps such a cunt. Nearly triple captained aguero too


Funny how little decisions you make in this game can haunt you long term. Had Phillips, Defoe and Snodgrass on my Wildcard the other week but last minute, felt I had to cover Hazard and got him, Anichebe and De Roon instead. Oh well…

2 FTs this week. Am fully expecting stupid price rises as usual within 24 hours (these fast rises have really hurt my Team Value and ability to have 7 decent players up front) but I think I’ll still hold for a bit. Cup games imminent…


My worst ever start to a gameweek in 3 years of playing this game:

Dropped 400,000 places. Defence a shambles. No idea who to replace Origi with.


The wobble is starting and I’m panicking. Wildcard last week, bench boost this week. Got to cling to the top.


Got Snodders as my second sub, Blind didn’t play so could do with someone else (Zaha maybe) getting dropped


How’s the ACOn going to work - do you get free transfers for players in it?


I was all set to transfer Defoe and Mane in for Rondon and Hazard, but I went and forgot the bloody deadline. It’s such a fine line between clever and stupid…