Rolling Fantasy Football thread


You don’t get them for free AFAIK, but surely anyone sane has only got (maximum) Mane, Zaha and a Sunderland cb on their bench.

Nigeria not qualifying has helped massively


Go up and down in this like nobody’s business. 2nd yesterday, 5th today. Still if Costa gets a brace I’m coming for all y’alls.


tell me about it
lallana or Walcott? go for Walcott - result - doesn’t play, lalanna gets a goal
hazard or sanchez - drop sanchez for hazard, result massive run of points for sanchez, hazard stops scoring…

completely forgot this weeks game deadline
probably end up my best week yet as I won’t have made any decisions for it
some years it just isn’t your turn to win


Up to 4th in the DiS league

Posting now before tonight’s results send me hurtling back down the league.


I’m on 1075 where would i be in the league?


6th as of right now, I’m on 1081 in 5th


From 2nd to 10th has tightened up quite a bit over Christmas, and @Asita’s lead has been cut down a bit too.


Really don’t want to play my Wildcard yet but I’m slightly tempted.

Pickford and Anichebe injured. Ake being recalled by Chelsea means I have to lose a Chelsea player now. Friend and Amat were both benched last game.


Live a little, do it now m8.


Panic-binned Costa for Kane


Costa in meltdown caused me to go into meltdown last night and play my wildcard. I now have Aguero and Ibra up front.

Last week was my worst total of the season, what you gonna do?



  • Kane (vs. WBA)
  • Hazard (@ Leicester)
  • Aguero (@ Everton)

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Reckon Kano. Just given had a baby hasnt he so it’ll be the perfect gift!!!

Hope loads of people missed the Costa thing last night and then the deadline




Oops! First wrote given birth but that was obvs wrong too


Yeah I’ve gone for the big red machine


Youre welcome!


Could do with another tombstone piledriver to ensure a good week


That’ll do


Of course Kane went out in my wildcard change. Brought Alli in though and with Walker and Eriksen looking like getting bonuses too, 27 fpl points to see my own team getting stuffed makes it bearable. Brunt and Phillips got 2 between them…