Rolling Fantasy Football thread


jammy git.

it's like Harry Kane has nothing but contempt for my fantasy team.

although he converted assists from Alli and Walker, who I do have in my team. so I can't begrudge him too much.


I still think yesterdays presentation was crap, but in hindsight its not really any worse than many other console launches, and if you adjust for inflation its the 4th cheapest ever.

Suspect that this first batch will sell to die hards and tech nerds to get a few quid in the bank and allow them to do a few months of live beta testing on the online aspect, though that being a mobile app is pretty concerning.

I'd imagine we'd then see a decent E3 showing off Pokémon and a few others before we get a huge push around Mario at Christmas along with a pack in title and price drop. To us all, it's a poor launch. To many punters it won't even be on their radar.

If Nintendo are solely developing for one machine now, some good Indies get involved and the single screen allows developers to port over some simple classics people would like to revisit on the go (think Dark Souls and Fallout) then it may find a niche. And if the unit has shifted tons in a year, 3rd parties will develop for it. At least this machine doesn't need a developer to incorporate a gimmick in the game like Wii or Wii U did.

There is a lot to be concerned about though and I'm at least a year away from remotely wanting one.


Oops wrong thread...


Transferred out Alonso today as I read he had a leg injury online. That's gone well...


Played a blinder this week for a change - even Adam Smith (0 points) played his part simply by turning up, thereby preventing Gareth McAuley (-3 points) from being automatically subbed in. Just need Lukaku to ravage the City defence tomorrow...


Just the 88 points today :laughing:


Top score this week is INSANE. Had literally ever top scoring player and triple captained Kane. One of those stupid 'one week challenge' teams but fair play... Still got 150+ points.


im packing this in


The second highest team in the DiS League hasn't even been updated since GW17.


Is Costa going to play on the weekend? if I bring him in for Aguero is Sergio going to score 4?


This weekend's fixtures are my most favourable of the season so far:

No transfers this week. Really hope that Costa starts and bangs in seven to ridicule all those that showed no faith in him.


Stinker, but I'm guessing no one's had a great week. 35 points with just Dave and Eden (c) left


I got about the same with Sanchez, Heaton and Hazard (c) to play. Top score in my league today was about 40, but he has 3 (!) Southampton defenders, so hoping they let a goal in...


Best week for ages. Got Coleman in (yes!), De Bruyne scored (yes!), Firmino scored twice (yes!)


If Costa doesn't play tomorrow I've properly borked this week


26 with Hazard, Fabregas and Azpilicueta to play (against Hull). think I need Arsenal to slip to make this a decent week (assuming Chelsea pump Hull).


50 points so far


Forgot to put Costa in. Really hope he spends the match in the car park sulking.


52 so far with Snoddy possibly against Chelsea and Sanchez as my captain.


Zaha is back from AFCON. I think I'm going to ship out Lallana for him, which will give me solid funds to boost the rest of my squad.

I want to get a premium defender as an upgrade for Daniels. Who would you choose out of:

  • Cahill
  • Azzy
  • Alonso
  • Koscielny
  • Walker


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