Rolling Fantasy Football thread


best two weeks of the season
ironically I was going to play my wildcard just before them - so glad I didn’t

& finally got some luck on a transfer
was going to shift llorente, but with the possibility of him going to Chelsea may keep a while
baines in worked.

kane out for giroud costing me points so far


I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing at this point. I had a semblance of a plan initially but this long at the top has scrambled my brain. My transfer strategy is now hunches and pointless tweaking.


Midweek Prem baby!

Shipped Lallana for Zaha so now have 2.0 in the bank to much around with as I see fit. A very solid set of fixtures for me so hoping for the big returns I’ve been since my WC two weeks ago.


You’ve had a rotter there mate.

33 points with bonuses to come for Heaton & Negredo. Pieters and captain Kun left to play


What a shitshow yesterday was. 29 points with Baines and Jones to play today. Still managed to outscore everyone in my leagues.

Still happy with my team looking towards the weekend.


The cunt’s benched Aguero.

@pep OUT


Need the Welsh Pirlo to play a blinder if I’m getting anything out of this week
Got Antonio and Kolarov playing too but think they’ll cancel each other out
Put Dann and Capoue on my bench too, fffffffs


Dunno how I stayed in 2nd, inching closer to King Asita who’s bound to Arsenal it up
I’m actually really confident about this weekend’s fixtures too so y’all better be on your A game!


Really like the look of this weekend’s fixtures:

Would love for Spurs and West Brom to demolish their competition, and for Arsenal Chelsea and Sunderland Palace to be complete goalfests.

Hearing some talk about blank gameweeks etc in the neat future. I don’t think clearing house for one gameweek is a sensible move. Especially as I couldn’t afford to buy most of my team back. They’ll all get double gameweeks later on so it will balance out.


I thought the same thing but everyone seemed to have a dire mid week.

I think you stayed 2nd on alphabetical order. 3 of us on the same points now


I’ll take it


Having a bit of an injury crisis at the back of late which is accounting for most of my free transfers and somewhat restricting my midfield recruitment.

Been thinking about bringing in yer man Gabriel Jesus Christ, but my Kane, Defoe, Lukaku frontline’s served me quite well.


I’ve brought the baby Jesus in and made him captain. He’ll be a one match wonder, no doubt.


Lukaku captain this week. He always gets 4 points when I captain him, so I don’t know why I’m doing it.


Can’t put out 3 defenders today if Daniels and Friend are still crocked. But want to have a transfer rolled over giving the imminent blank gameweeks.

Might play my All out attack as its pretty useless anyhow…






Looks decent on paper but I’ve thought that most weekends this year and I’ve been shite. Could really do with a farewell hattrick from Aguero, as payback for all the time I’ve held onto him. He probably won’t even start.


Benteke in for Defoe proving to be a masterstroke already…


Already going to need Eriksen © to bail me out big time this week!!


No idea how I had about 4 players today playing for sides who got 3 or more goals and YET blanked…

Funny how one transfer can change a season. I sold Alonso a few weeks back to fund a playing midfielder as backup due to the injuries I had but since then, I’ve had a defender or two injured every week and have had to use my transfers to field 11.

If I’d just kept him I’d have had the 40 odd points he got me over the past month, would have had a stable defense and could have used my last 5 transfers to take some one week punts.

Oh well… Stupid game.


great news guys