Rolling Fantasy Football thread


guy who's 2nd behind me in another league triple captained him. I'm fucked


Also put Benteke in instead of Defoe, after agonising over it for aaaages. Oh well, I captained Lukaku so I can't complain. A good week, finally!


I was just about to hit confirm on bringing in Niang before I realised that he won't be playing 10 man Burnley at home every week.


thrown my second Wild Card out there in biting the bullet and getting yer man Jesus of São Paulo. done a bit of moving money around.

Jesus/Costa/Lukaku front three, a few value options in the middle (Schneiderlin or Capoue) to compliment Hazard/Mkhi*/Alli.

*more points today, thanks Mkhi!


Actually did the right thing bringing in Jesus and captaining, and bench was all worse than chosen 11 so no complaints this week.


Dropped down to sixth :mask: Truly the league's Mourinho


Tempted to go for this. Had Crouch and Anichebe as my other strikers for way too long now. Not sure that's worth it to accomodate a stroppy Sanchez and shitey Liverpool midfielders


had a good week but then so did everyone else ffs


Wildcarded and had an absolute barnstormer. Pretty delighted tbh.


Considered swapping Aguero for Lukaku but thought he must start after not playing in the week and was up against Swansea.Only 40 extra points missed out on.


Thanks to some brutal bumps for anyone captaining Lukaku or Jesus last week my lead is down to a mere 14 points, so I've pulled the trigger on my wildcard. I've dropped anyone whose ever been to Liverpool, piled points into my front 3, and generally panicked across the board.

Expect Liverpool to smash Spur this weekend by a three goal margin.


I'm excited for tonight. After a decent showing of 50 points this week, Gabby Jesus captained up front against a leaky Bournemouth.

Prediction: 1-0 City - Goal - Silva Assist - De Bruyne


After two torrid weeks made worse by the Lukakufest I am now in 12th position. It's a cruel game. But I shall overcome!


Captain kane doing the facking business


Got half of my teams points at half time


Seem to have been bouncing between being @45 and @30 points behind @asita for roughly a month now.


80 pointer this week, shot back up to 5th. A good fiftty points away from the grand poobah asita but WE GO AGAIN


Might've gone a bit stupid and triple captained Raheem Sterling on a Sunderland/Stoke double gameweek. Tempted to airlift sergio back in for it instead


Let's fucking do this


Anybody not got Aguero as their captain this week?