Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Just seen a tweet saying that over 850,000 captained Zlatan this weekend. -1 after missing the pen.


Ugly drake has been such a good pickup for me


Really glad I took Andre Grey out of my team this morning…


what’s up with the next gameweek. had to make a few transfers so I’ve got 8 men playing


I have taken a -8 for the first time in order to field 8 men:

Matt Phillips really fucked me. I only held on to him on the assumption he would play today.


Just ignoring it this week. Too stressful.


I put Phillips in after he seemed to score or assist every goal for wba. Dont think hes done either since


So my mini league rival is 65 points ahead of me but has used everything bar bench boost. I have that and a wildcard. Cracks are starting to appear fast in my lineup but I’m conscious that we’ll have 1, maybe 2, double gameweeks by the end of the season.

Treat myself to a wildcard now or hold off?


Do it now.players arent gonna spring surprises now


Phillips > King was my best transfer of the season


49 with (I guess) 8 bonus points to come from Lukaku© and King, 4 points to come in off the bench and Walker, Sterling and Kun tomorrow. Decent


Heaton will get bonus points too, winner


Wildcarded it this week.



An Aguero hat-trick would fit the bill nicely, would give me a chance of sneaking into the top spot.


Let’s have none of that talk.


Score draw for the top three : )


Had a great week after the disaster of the 4 game week (which knocked me off the top in two leagues). 81 points.


We all score the same, whole game rendered completely pointless. Everyone out.


Really pleased with my line-up going in to the final quarter of the season. My starting 11 on GW37 will all be DGW players. Good fixtures this GW too:

Llorente to Zlatan next week. Who should I get in for Phil Fucking Jones?


Too scared to log in anymore :’(