Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Quite happy with my team. Stuck roughly with the same strikers all season - three of Lukaku, Kane, Defoe and Costa. Got two good goalies. Few scorers in midfield. Think my defensive scrimping may catch up with me…


is Hazard likely to play this weekend?


Wild carded last night. Had 3 non starters, 2 injuries and a holding player who was suspended.

Stuck on a final 11 but pretty pleased…


brought in ibra the week he got a minus 1 & then injured
bought in jesus the week he got injured…

scored well after that but waiting for the inevitable derailment of my comeback


Bring in Sanchez, Koscielny and Giroud this week and i’ll give you tenner.


Ill do it for five


Wildcard was broadly successful but slightly painful to have 15pts in the shape of Britos sat as 1st sub and highly unlikely to come on.

I’m about 2 points outside the top 50k and having a good season, but the guy in my cash league I’m chasing is over 100 points ahead. No idea how… he’s playing a blinder, every week.


Brought in Britos for Coleman and he gets his first goal in England and a clean sheet

Don’t think I’m doing that well nationally, but in my league with three leeds tickets on the line for next season i’ve got a healthy 60 point lead and all my bonuses and wildcard to use. happy with that


Llorente injured in training. I have Zaha coming on in his place. Amazing turnaround for the gameweek.


94 points and Zaha still to play. Ooft


Up to the heady heights of 119,000th this week, with Sanchez to play. Don’t think I’m going to win my work league though :frowning:


i brought one of them in (sanchez)
he’s done nothing since.

overall rank has halved over last 5 gameweeks
18 points on my bench to come in tonight plus any points sanchez gets so hoping for anther green arrow

to bring kane in or not to bring kane in, that is the question


Stupid fucking game…


103 with Zaha’s bonus points left to come. gunna be right up @The_Excession’s jacksie for 2nd


My grim determination to get Sanchez back in for his cake-walky run-in, at the expense of Lukaku, appears flawed in hindsight.


I cant decide whether to keep Sanchez on the grounds that he is liable to explode with a hattrick at someone’s expense very soon, or to drop him in the hope that me not personally benefiting might earn a performance from an Arsenal player.

Also, can’t believe how few games there are left. Really exciting trying to guess exactly when I’m going to choke and surrender the top spot. Can’t be long now.


literally impossible to see you throwing the DiS league away from here


Reckon Kane’s going to sit out again in preparation for the FA cup and therefore keep Son in? or bin him off?


Got to get the meta-anti-bants in though.


I’m keeping him in. He’s playing well and I reckon they’ll play Kane of the bench again.