Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I’ve climbed about 700,000 in the rankings over ten weeks, knocking on the door of my mini league top spotys. Stupidly waited until this week to get Lukaku. Solid fixtures this week and looking strong for the double gameweek 37:


fuck this game


not sure who to have alongside Dave in defence

  • Kone (@Boro)
  • Holgate (@WHU)
  • Walker (@CRY)

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Walker, with Holgate first on your bench incase Trippier plays ahead of him.


Reckon West Ham are more likely than Boro to score though, Palace probably are too :confused:


Walker has that tiny additional chance of being involved in a goal


yeah, gunna go Walker with Kone first off the bench


Allegedly it’s a derby though - 1-1 draw all round.


Planning for the rest of the season. Is it correct you can’t use bench boost/triple captain when you play your wildcard?


Correct, only one chip per week. Most will be going for wildcard GW35, TC a Soton/Arsenal player in 36, and Bench Boost in GW37.

I used my TC on that cunt Aguero :frowning:


Can’t decide on my captain. Lukaku with his insane West Ham record or the potential of De Gea having two games…


I’ve bit the bullet and brought Streaky Rashers in for Yerman Defoe.


I’d brought in Ibra and skippered him this week, so naturally I’ve had to do the same.

1 point from 6 for United!


I’ve completely let this slip over the last 3 weeks. I can’t even bring myself to look at how far down the league I’ve dropped.


Swapped Lloris for De Gea in order to dump Costa for Kane. Most I’ve thought about it in weeks. Doubt I’m even in the top half overall these days :laughing:


glad I finally joined the Joshua King brigade.


Thought I’d captained Rashford, actually captained Benteke. Mmmm, that’s a warm feeling.


Surprisingly decent week, 80 pts, Keane to come off the bench with another 8 and Coutinho to add 2 tomorrow When Liverpool lose to Watford.


Played my wildcard this week with a view to the double gameweeks coming up.

Had a bit of a mare tbh. Brought in Ake because he’s the cheapest defender in the game and had him in my starting XI on the offchance he started - came on at the end and got a point didn’t he (had Vertonghen on my bench). Went for Caballero over Jakupovic too, and binned Alli in favour of Eriksen.

Should get over the line in the league I care about. In a couple of weeks I’ll use my bench boost and have the whole squad playing twice, and still got my triple captain to play…


Brutally average week. Lead is now wafer thin.