Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Pogba - £40m


5.0 for Heaton seems pretty reasonable


Multiplying everything by 5 would be a bit more realistic


I’d be up for the draft version!


Kane to be priciest player this year. Definitely still going to get him.


Game is up. New prices are ridiculous, any even slightly decent player has gone up by at least 1.0


Will probably spend the rest of the work day making my team then. None of the players will then make it to the start of the season

New Free Hit chip.

Make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek.


DiS league renewed, code is 17613-5717


Made my team, cant wait to replace them all in 2 weeks


Competing for play time with Jesus this year, hence the price drop


Pretty certain this already happened last season


crocked half the season too


Lloris-Alonso-Alli-Kane-random pick team. DONE! See you in May :sweat_smile:


First draft!

Ignore goalkeepers for now. Quite a pricey defensive line as I think I lost out on not having a couple of premium defenders last year, Zaha is just a placeholder as well.


I’ve put Sterling in for Zaha now


Got both Berardo Silva and de Bruyne, not sure about that

also whether to put Sigurdsson for Mane in


got Klavan for Liverpool fdor £4.m which seems cheap


already so many dilemmas


I’ve decided my FPL season will be a celebration of Huddersfield’s Premier League status

Always have 3 Huddersfield players. One of these will be captain every week.
Ex Huddersfield players (Arfield, Norwood) also get in the squad, as a recognition of their contributions over the years.

Always bench any of my other players playing against Huddersfield. Man Utd away? You’ll be third on the bench Mr Lukaku, try not to get any splinters.

I hope you all enjoy competing for second place.


Think you should hide the code and ask people to PM you. I published a code online once on a different forum and loads of random people signed up, like hundreds. People just google for codes…