Rolling Fantasy Football thread


it was public last year and seemed fine, if it gets silly I’ll set up a league for the 7 people who post here are make it PM invite


Is there any benefit to selecting your side early? Is there much price fluctuation?


Nope. No price changes until after the first week.


KFC? You’ll be hearing from my lawyers!


I didn’t need the code - was auto-enrolled after I did my team yesterday, so presumably everyone else will be too if they keep the same account


Who is Collin Quaner FC?


Had a look through the DiS league team names, good chuckle at AC Dead People.


I’m already thinking about my team too much


This. I’ll tinker with it several hundred times between now and the start of the season. And then spend the rest of the season wishing I’d stuck with my original choices.



First thing I did when coming on my break at work was see how much Hernandez and Zouma were on Fantasy Football


Draft leagues have opened. I have set up a DiS league, evocatively named DiS Draft League 1. The code is 7119-2731, maximum 8 teams so it’s first come first served.

The draft will be on Monday 7th August at 9pm, because that’s when I can do it. If you join it would be best if you can be there at that time, or be prepared to get whatever it gives you. You can set up lists though, by the look of it, to draft for you.

Here: , then Start, then Join a League.


This should be really fun! I’ve never played a draft game before so I’ll be reading up extensively.


It’s great, played my own version for years and you get really attached to your players. Only downside is you start to really hate everyone else’s, and seeing as that’s most of the league…


Quick bump for a Monday morning. Get yer draftin ere! Larvely fresh draft leagues! 2 pahnd a pahnd, ah’m cattin me own froat ere.


In. Love a draft.

I like to think I’ve learned some lessons after last seasons fall from grace but that’s almost certainly not true. Here’s to another year of boom and bust.


best names on dis league so far:

Rojo’s Modern Life
Rick Ross County

Poor names:

all the Knockaert names
Antchester United (fucking Tony, eh)


Quite enjoyed AyewBlindFerFuchsAke


Seems a bit early but I suppose I could knock something up


FC Citizens Arrest is all kitted out with no-one to arrest


He’ll very rarely play, especially if we get VVD/someone else. I’d put Lovren, Matip and Gomez ahead of him in the pecking order.