Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I have joined the league.

As usual, my team looks absolutely mint but will inevitably be shite.


Complete pot luck really isn’t it, and I feel like it’s cheating slightly swapping too many of your original choices out unless they become injured. I just generally go by the general philosophies of splashing a lot of the cash on strikers, include as many Welsh players as possible, and avoid all Man Utd players at all times.


Obviously it’d ruin it for a lot of people, but I’d massively prefer it if you could only make any transfers at Christmas. More would rest on your original pick, and you’d be more invested in individuals.


Ten or so years ago, I used to play the metro game. You could only make one transfer a month. I came 33rd one year!!




Which leaves three places left…


I’ll play.


do a super 6


In for the draft


We have a full 8 for the draft now. Anyone else wanting to do it will need to set up another league.


Is the draft still on for 9?


Next week dude.


Ah bollocks. Skipped a quiz.


Gonna ride the coattails of West Brom’s shock title-winning campaign


Are you up for another draft league?

  • Yes
  • YES

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If anyone does one that doesn’t involve me missing my quiz on Monday (already didn’t go this Monday because I got the date wrong), I’d love to swap.


Bar some last minute tweaks, this is what I’m going in to Friday with:




Anyone welcome


Bollocks, missed this. Is tonight’s still on for 9?