Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Oh, Liverpool ITK for anyone considering him: even though Milner was on the pitch on Saturday, Firmino took the penalty. I wouldn’t consider Milner the genius inclusion a few were banking on this season. I actually think he’ll be the new Lucas – a utility backup across the pitch. Moreno’s been great pre-season (actually hoping he’s first choice now) and we’ve brought Robertson in at LB too (and Flanagan’s back).

Also Lallana’s out for 2-3 months if you missed it.


Good grief, man, how can one person make such a mess of knowing when something is, when it has never changed time, it tells you when it is further up the thread and if you log in to FPL it literally gives you a countdown in hours and minutes?



So, I’m right?


I can’t stop fiddling (with my team). Argh! Think I’ve sorted it for The Big First Kick™


Trippier and Gayle both annoyingly yellow flagged now. Think I’ll just ride it out until Friday and hope they get fit.


What are people thinking this season? Seems even harder to get a decent team out than usual and who the hell will start seems very unknown. Probably will play my wildcard in week 3 as usual.

Going for strong wingbacks? Can you afford 3 heavy hitters without ruining your team? Any out of position bargains? Is there a ‘safe’ City or Liverpool player to blow 9+ on?


Looks like Zaha will be playing off/alongside Benteke, so could be good value as a 7.0 midfielder.

I have gone for KDB and avoided Liverpool midefielders, although in my Draft team I have Sterling and Firmino (striker this year).


Proto team Ruffers looking like:

GK - Forster, Begovic
Def - Kompany, Alderweireld, Monreal, Azpilethingy, A. Williams
Midfield - Willian, Alli, Arter, Iwobi, Joe Allen
Forward - Morata, Kane, Big Sam Vokes


Yeah, I’m only teasing you.


Firminho being reckoned a striker and Mane a midfielder is fucking baffling. It’s made finding a replacement for day glo teeth boy painless though.



Nets: Robles, Myhill
Defs: Milner, Vertonghen, Lindelöf, Alderweireld, Bertrand
Mids: Fàbregas, Willian, Can, Matic, Mané
Goals: Morata, Lukaku, Chicharito

Probably panic on Friday and change half a dozen.


Pickford’ll be getting starts over Rublez surely. Even if he isn’t, check out Everton’s first five or six games.


Argh! :sweat_smile:


I was teasing @Mistersteve earlier, but don’t forget the draft tonight @Ruffers @p_a_u_l @thewarn @asita @boxtoboxelder and… whoever the other person is.


On it




not paid any attention to the window so playing it safe

come at me


tell me why some of these selections are please. likely City line-up?


Sorry everyone, had a bit of a family emergency. Hope it didn’t fuck anything up my missing it.


Seemed to work fine. I was skyping my mum back home, totally forgot this was on. Had to sneakily log in and try not to look like I was doing something else!

How do you look at everyone else’s teams? I’m sure it’s obvious, but I could find the right tab.

My attack is spearheaded by Lukaku! With backing from… Rooney and Rondon :confused: My last five picks were autos.