Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Couple of injury worries there too. Not too bad though overall.


I forgot tonight but had made some picks beforehand in case I had forgotten because I know myself well enough.

Still got a fucking ace team mind:

GK: Forster, Karlas
Def: David Luiz, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Kompany
Mid: Walcott, Klassen, Arnaoutavic, Carzola, Mata (shame - plays for United so will get zero games from me sorry)
Strikers: Morata, Firmino, Giroud

Would probably win the actual league that squad


Oh James Milner too. Yay… James Milner.


Doing this with work people… any tips? Feels like I’m missing a Chelsea player or Spurs player


If you go to the draft room ,on the right hand side is your drafted team, and if you click on the name above you get a drop down list of everyone else’s team.


It drafted you a team anyway, but assuming your initials are SF you have Kane, and a lot of injured players. Have a look and get cracking on picking up some free transfers, plenty of good players left.


Usually go 4-5-1 and stack my midfield but spreading it around a bit this time. Banking on Hernandez to start well (though think it might be arnoutovic that gets the goals for them) and Kane not to start slowly. Will probably have Can in for Solanke within a couple weeks as well


When did Walcott last sign a contract extension?


pretty happy with mine I think


Not changing mine till kick off. Happy, but then I always am till it turns out to be shite.



ya’ll motherfuckers spending too much on your defences.


I’d agree if my midfield and attack weren’t so ferociously badass.


Three Liverpool players is… presumptuous.


Not happy with it yet but for fwiw’s worth


Relatively happy with this but will undoubtedly tweak anyway. Also, I think it’s fair to say that I have not overspent on defence…


Hefele will almost certainly not be a starter this season. I reckon your best bet at £4.5m in our defence is Lowe, who could also be on penalties. Slight risk of Malone taking his place, but think Lowe will start with the shirt.

Schindler is 100% guaranteed to play, and Zanka will almost certainly be his central defensive partner.


I got Walcott and Mata in my friends league draft but am now feeling anxious over their lack of pitch time. Would you swap Walcott and Mata for Tadic and Willian?


You all seem very confident Hernandez will be good.
I see West Ham doing naff all this season - particularly this week against the filth


Here’s mine footy fans. Still not happy with it

GK - Pickford, Elliot
DF - Trippier, Azpilicueta, Ciaran Clark, Van Dijk, Klavan
MF - Alli, Mane, De Bruyne, Sigurdsson, McArthur
ST - Hernandez, Lacazette, Solanke