Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I’d get rid of Hanley if I were you!


I’ve realised why you’ve done that - and thats why I’m really bad at fantasy football


Tripper left his last match on crutches, and Van Dijk just handed in a transfer requested. It’s bold, I’ll give you that.


I cannot find 11 players I like, let alone 15. And every striker or midfielder around 6-7.5 is either injured, at risk of not playing or pretty shite.


if Lucas signs for Newcastle, he replaces Chicharito. If Coutinho leaves, Pedro goes in.


Or is Steve Mounie


Might put Mounie in for Holding before Friday.


Can won’t score many points. Not much chance of getting a clean sheet bonus at Liverpool if last season is anything to go by, or an assist or goal because he plays so deep. He’ll probably get a nice tally of yellow cards though.


This week’s specific line up (for now):
Can’t decide what’ll happen between Stoke/Everton so choosing to ignore it completely for now, but not very confident about an Arsenal clean sheet.


not sharing my final line-up because I don’t want everyone else copying it and smashing :100: on the first week.


Also vying with captain Henderson and Wijnaldum for a start. Coutinho will be the 3rd midfielder, sat behind attack.


not sure you can pick La Liga players


If he goes it may well be Firmino, when Sturridge is fit.

cue hilarious jokes


Do you guys know if there’s any way to see the league results for previous seasons? Running my work league and want to check last year’s results for some group email bantz.


Think I am almost there just need to pick 2 out of Kane, Lukaku, Aguero and Jesus. The rest of the team will sort its self out afterwards.


Don’t think you can see the table but you can see everyones final rank if you go on their page and look at gameweek history.


Thinly veiled I once finished rank 217 post.


Didn’t really think it was that thinly veiled.

Its even worse as I’ve just found out my advice doesn’t even work as you can’t currently look at other users pages.


Just had a look at my team. When did Joe Allen sneak in there? :man_shrugging:


AA in defence is only likely to play for the first two weeks, so be ready for him to make way
Sterling is a huge rotation risk (most of the city squad are). The only exceptions seem to be KDB and Jesus