Rolling Fantasy Football thread


If anyone wants to join my bbc score predictor league…


It says Forster plays for Swansea??


He’s playing against Swansea.


Ah I see. Thanks


do I leave Coutinho in given all the Barca rumblings?

  • Yestinho
  • CoutinNo

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in normal fantasy you might as well, I’ve traded him out in a draft league


Although he is an injury doubt, regardless of the transfer rumours.


Just spent quite a long time designing my kit


It’s important to remember that nothing else matters today because the English EPL Premier League Premiership season starts tonight in England.


*LONDON, England


panicked and made some big changes to the squad ahead of deadline

Morata OUT Lacazette IN
Chicharito OUT to facilitate a midfield of Ali, Salah, Coutinho and Loftus Cheek.


brave picking both Salah and Coutinho


Got an absolutely fantastic midfield.

It’s all about the midfielders, right. RIGHT?


think I’ve nailed week 1 here friends


Am I going to regret being the only person not to have Kane or Lukaku?


Why? They don’t play in the same position.


This is one of those where you’re looking at it trying to work out how the fuck you’ve afforded it. Who have you got on the bench, Darren Gibson?


I have not included my bench in the screenshot. This was not an oversight


another last minute change since Coutinho is apparently completely definitely crocked this week.


This is the most pleased I am with my starting team in four years of playing:


Got 0.5 in the bank to upgrade Ake to Trippier in a couple of weeks time.