Rolling Fantasy Football thread



Actual injured player on the pitch, Xhaka on the bench?


its a work in progress


Xhaka is shit tbf


I think we’re all hoping at some point for a midfield of Xhaka Can.



but Wenger in the sheets.


Changed my team name to Wichita Assistant Ref


:smiley: .


My mate also picked Sporting Lesbian so I’ve resorted to Liverpoo.


Pretty pleased with this now, two Southampton and Burnley players notwithstanding.


With 0.5 in the bank would you:

  • Upgrade Gayle to Chicarito
  • Wait two weeks to upgrade Ake to Trippier

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Making lots of transfers makes you look small hearted in my opinion.


Please help: Who is more likely to start for Saints?
Gabbiadini or Charlie Austin?



Been tormented by this myself. Checking out their pre-season it seemed as if Austin starts, then Gabbiadini comes on and actually scores goals. The fact Austin costs 0.5 less and will be on pennos swung it for me


Just pick fifteen players you have actual confidence in rather than getting the jitters about fixtures, football’s too silly to actually know anything.





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