Rolling Fantasy Football thread



He’s just put in a transfer request


someone start a weekend football thread FFS


Anyone else stuck the barnacle in? Only £7.5m




I would like to think a number of football thread luminaries are completing their final drafts as we speak.


The Horrors have a league…



Gayle is a doubt so I’d go for that un


I dont think its a good idea pcking two players from the same team in the same area


This is my first time doing fantasy football (did the sun dream team yonks ago but it was a bit naff) so any tips would be appreciated!

My current team:

  • Would have chosen Coutinho instead of Salah but what with the injury/transfer request I’m staying clear for now
  • Just put Davies in as Trippier is out for another week and a half. Will probably swap Trippier in when he’s back
  • Not having Kane makes me anxious, but it’s just too much money for him


pretty, pretty, pretty good tbh. I think Pickford’ll have tonnes scored against him despite having a good season - would be safer to splash a bit 'o bunce on a de gea or lloris.




also change your captain to Lukaku or Ali.


Every team I see has 2 of Jesus, Kane and Lukaku in but I’ve only got Kane so far, as it lets me have KDB, Mane, Walcott and Zaha in midfield plus a decent defense.

Where do you guys stand? Lukaku should do well given the lack of competition but Mourinho can really suck the joy out of a player and FF manager. Jesus looks great I think but will get rotated. Kane won’t and is nailed on, until Champions League season, so that’s why I think he’s the one for me.

But I could upgrade Vardy / Firminho to Jesus and downgrade Walcott or Zaha to a make weight 5.0 bench fodder.


Walcott is always unreliable outside of contract negotiations and Xmas against Newcastle.


last minute tinker

shrewbie’s angels are ready



I’ve not got any. I’ve got a feeling Jesus is either gonna get knackered or not do as much as people think

I’ve stockpiled my midfield really


Fucks sake