Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I’m going 3-5-2

My tactic is to have an absolutely stacked midfield (majority of top-scoring players have been midfielders, rather than strikers, in recent seasons): I’ll play 5 across midfield most weeks. Then 1 superstar striker with 1 decent back-up, and 1 bargain basement (only ever play 2 upfront). 1 excellent defender and 4 regulars at ‘lesser’ teams who I’ll rotate according to fixtures, and there is literally no point in spending big on a 'keeper when you look at the points differential in that position for regular starters.

You just watch me come somewhere in the top 1.5m


It’s against Burnley pal


Bit concerned that playing Barnes and Carroll is a bad idea but hope that one of those defenders will get decent gametime and become nailed on to start. Probably play my Wildcard week 3 anyhow…


He’s gonna get a hat-trick and keep Sanchez out of the side until 2019.


This is quite a nice side. Might copy this:



John wright phillips?


Thanks for the advice, I’ll have a think about it!

I’m a bit wary about there being no Chelsea representation either but:

  • The defenders cost a lot
  • Generally speaking defensive midfielders don’t seem like the way to go
  • I’m not convinced Willian will do better than Salah/Alli (and to a lesser extent Mkhitaryan)
  • Hazard is well pricey plus a bit of a gamble considering his form after the last time Chelsea won the league.
  • Morata is a bit too much of a risk, would rather wait to see how he settles


Ward-Prowse I’m guessing? Wouldn’t go for them myself mind.


i’ve had a lot of coffee today.


Willian is cheaper than all three of those players and seems nailed on to be involved high up the pitch for Chelsea at the start of the season with Hazard and maybe Pedro out. He’s a good pick for the money for at least the first gameweek.


Why is literally no-one putting Ageuro in BTW? Same price as Lukaku and usually a default pick. I know he was a bit more hit and miss last year but he ended the season well and now has support around him.


reckon him and jesus are going to play about the same amount and score about the same amount, Jesus is cheaper so he gets picked


came below Joshua King and Firmino last season despite being considerably more expensive. Think its been the same every year I’ve played fantasy tbh. Looks great for a few months and then completely goes off the boil/gets injured.


I’ve gone with Aguero. Think both him and Jesus will score well but won’t he be up front with Jesus on the wing?
Happy to pay the extra if thats the case




De Bruyne



Pretty happy.


Ah interesting, cheers may reconsider.
That team does not look like it can defend.


That’s me pulling stuff out of arse, but they will be stupidly attacking and played jesus and kun a few times when they were both fit


Pointless banal trivia - how many different sides are represented in your ff squad? I only have 8.
3 from both Spurs & Scum, 2 from Arsenal & Bmouth, then 1 from Stoke, Citeh, Burnley, S’Hampton. Seems shallow.


12 clubs, and I don’t have a Chelsea player which seems a bit of a gap